Let’s Know Joomla Installation and Login Steps for Ecommerce Website Development in India

Are you looking an easy to use content management system for your ecommerce website development? Joomla is an open and free content management system tool which is primarily for ecommerce website development in India. You can easily track the website content such as text, photos, music, video, documents, or anything just like library management system keep track of books.

You don’t require much technical knowledge to manage your ecommerce website through Joomla development. Apart from ecommerce website development in India, Joomla development is also used in the follow applications:

– Corporate portals and website

– Industry intranets and extranets

– Online newspaper, magazine and publications

– Online reservation systems

– Ecommerce business

– Small industry website

– Govt. applications

– School and church websites

– Personal or family page

Steps to install Joomla on server for ecommerce website development in India:

1.Download the latest version Joomla 3 complete installation package: Firstly, download the Complete Joomla package from official website joomla.org and extract it to new folder on your hard disk.

2.Upload Joomla file on server: After extracting the package, upload the Joomla file on server via FTP. To access Joomla through main domain upload the file in public_html folder else upload it in desired subdirectory i.e. ( public_html/joomla/).

3.Create MySql Database for Joomla: After uploading the file on server, we need to create mysql database with full permission.

4.Go through the installation: Now open the browser and navigate to main domain or sub domain where the installation is performed. Add the necessary information along with administrative username.

Steps to login in Joomla:

To login with Joomla administrative panel, we need to open web browser and navigate to

http://mydomain.com/administrator. It will open login page where we need to enter the credential which we have chosen during Joomla 3 installation.

Steps to reset password:

Joomla admin tool is used to perform different management tasks which are located in c panel. To reset the password, first we need to login in cPanel and navigate to joomla admin tools under Joomla tools tab.

After this we need to locate the site and click on Reset Password link next to it.

This will open change password page where we need to enter admin username for the website and reset new password for it.

Finally, click on Change Password button and enter the new password.

After getting the above task done, you can create your ecommerce website as per the requirements. However, we should keep in mind that Joomla version is always up to date as it is necessary for the website security. Once your ecommerce website is ready, it’s necessary to keep the backup of Joomla website to protect it from malfunction of extension, hacking of site.

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