Growth Tactics for Best Ecommerce Website Development – Part 1

2020 is around the corner and this is the good time to prepare yourself for upcoming opportunities, new strategies, and how to do the most. Start with gathering data, current behaviour of your company as well as your competitors, current strategies, and how it affects consumer behaviour. And then go through each of the growth plan, we have shared below in this article.

Search engines and easy access to customers have become more competitive than ever. As promised, we are sharing here some growth tactics for best eCommerce website development that will help you boost your marketing plan in 2020. 

Consider These Points for Restructure or Best Ecommerce Website Development

Here is your go-to list:

a) Prioritize Mobile Traffic:

As discussed in our previous articles, the more traffic is coming from mobile devices than desktops to any business site. Your ecommerce website must be properly indexed and formatted to be competitive in the SERPs. Invest in a fully responsive, mobile-optimized site that can give visitors the full experience they would get on desktop.

b) Mobile-First Indexing

Focus on mobile-first indexing approach. Here are some common errors found on any web page:

I) 4xx error codes, which impact a user’s ability to utilize or access the site correctly.

II) Slow page loading speed, which will drive users away and negatively impact SEO.

III) Missing or empty title tags, preventing Google from identifying the content correctly.

IV) Issues with mixed content, which will negatively affect user experience and reduce confidence in your website.

V) Redirect chains and loops, which prevent users from getting to the correct destination quickly.

c) SERP Feature

SERP features are more important than ever. They increase your visibility, authority, and, as a result, sales. See the below data collected from a SEMrush blog:

SERP features are more important than ever. They increase your visibility, authority, and, as a result, sales. See the below data collected from a SEMrush blog:

d) Expand Your Backlink Profile

If a high authority domains are giving you backlinks, it indicates that you have credible content. It will help you to get higher ranking in the SERPs. To expand or improve your backlink profile, constantly monitor your competitors’ tactics and analyse which backlink types appear most frequently. 

e) Invest in Technical SEO

Your site must be technically sound to find SEO success. If a search engine has difficulty crawling and understanding your site, how can it serve it to people in its results page?

f) Implement AMP on Key Pages

AMP is essential in helping web pages load faster on mobile devices, improving the user experience significantly. Fast website loading time is necessary as it indicates users are staying on your site, engaging with it, and potentially purchasing from it.

AMP won’t be a strong choice for all sites, but the majority of ecommerce sites should consider implementing it.

There are many more things you can do to grow your ecommerce website development. We will discuss same in our Part-2.

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