How to Integrate SEO Services with Content Marketing to Get the Leads?

A highly organized content can bring you sustainable, qualified, and long lasting organic traffic if optimized correctly. Here you need to understand that both content and SEO will go hand in hand. In other words, you need to focus on both aspects if you want to see some good leads that can be converted into sales easily. Let’s know how the best lead generation company in India integrates the content marketing with SEO services.

Content Marketing is Important but SEO is Necessity

Sometimes we think that even after creating a fantastic in-depth piece of content that is visually appealing and loved by the customers, prospects, and clients too then why it is not receiving some of Google’s love as well and grow your qualified organic traffic?

The truth is that Google algorithm favours are similar to what your target audience loves.

They all want relevance, structure, and authority.

What is Search Query?

In today’s search results an excellent piece of content has the best chances of ranking well.

Let’s know how to integrate these two terms to receive the most organic traffic and conversion from your content marketing.

Sharing, Sharing, and More Sharing

It is all-time true that you should distribute your content over different online places to receive more online exposure and links. Links are still one of the main ranking factors for Google.

Equally important is covering a topic thoroughly to increase relevance. However, every content that is being created or published is not needed to be optimized for search.

There are other reasons to write content (for example for social shares or to increase trust and conversion) but if you want to make the most of your content marketing and improve ROI – SEO should be on your radar.

SEO Factors That Impact Your Content

Create a holistic online strategy to promote your content marketing and SEO. Consider these three things importantly:

  • Be sure what you want to say: you should be specific and clear what is your vision, value proposition, topics, and issues – the things that you stand for as a business and that you are passionate about.
  • Check people are interested in: Using keyword research as an opportunity to study your target audience, the market demand, and the interest online.
  • What Google Favours: review the top searches that comes on first page to know what Google understands for the search query and replicate something competitive and valuable.

Structure Your Content

Make sure you structures your content from SEO prospective. Clarity and structure win the Google game.

Each one of your content ideas, pages, or blog posts should cover one topic, one intellectual entity. Or you can follow the wiki approach that covers a topic in depth rather than a collection of long tail keywords.

A page should cover the topic so well that it satisfies the user’s search intent.

Image Reference: Search Engine Journal

Each page will be optimized for one keyword cluster consisting of main and supporting keywords.

The process of keyword research helps us to determine topics that are relevant to our target audience. SEO tools such as Ahrefs or SEMrush allow us to review the following:

  • Synonyms, variations, and related keywords to cover within a page
  • Monthly search traffic to understand marketing interest
  • Click potential by estimating click-through rate to account for ads, featured snippets, etc.
  • Keyword difficulty to prioritize based on chances of success

Avoid Keyword Cannibalization

Here you need to understand that you have to cover the topic in depth but the details or content should not be repeatable. However, you can always expand or upgrade the topic or a piece of content. It will not just reutilize your content and prevents you from duplicity but also will bring you some good results.

Hopefully, you will like this piece of information. If you want to know more of this topic, please write us back. We will further bring more insights and well researched facts.

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