How to Recover The SEO Traffic and Current Ranking after Website Redesigning?

Thinking about website redesigning? At the time of redevelopment, all businesses think about to retain or recover their current SEO score along with maintaining their traffic. Don’t you? Therefore, they ignore or delayed to redesign most of the time. However, website design agency Delhi, India says it’s possible to retain (and improve) rankings and traffic.

It is important to realize that all is not lost and in the majority of cases, there are a few usual suspects to blame for the loss of traffic. In this article, we will know how to diagnose and recover traffic and rankings when a website goes under reimplementation phase.

Recovering The Traffic and Ranking Back:

Let’s scroll the steps one by one.

Step-1: Information gathering

We don’t need a lot here but in an ideal world we would want the following:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Date of launch
  • Website URL
  • Historic or alternative URLs
  • Historic keyword rankings (if available)

Step-2: Confirmation

Now it’s time to dive into Google Analytics and Search Console and review the traffic drop. Here you need to examine that whether the drop has started from the day or week of redesigning. This drop may be slow and steady or often a sudden, stark decrease.

To confirm a big drop in traffic, you need to checkout all channels so that you have the idea from where the traffic has gone. If you see an organic drop and other channels are relatively unaffected, then this further indicates that the redesign is the culprit here.

Step-3: Calculate the Loss

Now before taking an action to improve your site, its better to calculate the overall loss. To do this you need to get a better understanding of keyword rankings and pages that were most affected.

  • Current Page Ranking
  • Current Keywords Ranking
  • Landing Page Traffic

Step-4: Usual Suspects

With an understanding of the losses you can look at the common problems and what you can do to put things right in each scenario.


Redirects. Whether missing or misconfigured is the most common issue everyone has to go through at the time of redesigning. When launching a new site, everyone want to do one of the following for all important pages:

  • keep the URLs the same (ideal)
  • 301 redirect from the old page to the new page

You really have to test this end-to-end. In a browser. In a crawling tool. Test all old URLs. Test redirected pages. Make sure it works and verify all important redirects.

Missing Pages

Another common issue is that content that performed previously is no longer on the site. If the content does not exist, then you can’t rank. Ensure that all high traffic content is present and the correct redirects are in place.

Content Changes

Changes to content can also have an impact. If a page is present but the content has been changed then you will need to perform a qualitative review. Is the new page as good as the old page? What has changed? You can use the feature of web archive.

The list is long. All you need to have patience and wait for sometime till we publish our next part for the complete information. Meanwhile if you are looking for a website design agency Delhi India to redesign your website by keeping your traffic and ranking (at max) please contact us at Lunatic Devs.

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