How to Set Up a Result-Oriented Facebook Ad Campaign –Part 3?

In this part of Facebook AD campaign, we will discuss how to create a Lookalike audience that consistently deliver best results. We all know reaching to the targeted audience will be the most key part of online lead generation services India. But before digging deeper, let’s recall our previous parts of this article.

How to Set Up a Result-Oriented Facebook Ad Campaign – Part 1

In this part, we have discussed, where Facebook AD can be a great fit and what should be the promotional bait when you set any fb ad campaign. Once you have the strategy in hand, it is easy to get on to the path. To read the complete article, please click here.

How to Set Up a Result-Oriented Facebook Ad Campaign – Part 2

In 2nd part of this article, we have discussed the step-by-step instructions of creating FB ad campaign. We have also covered the part of how to create a custom audience to reach the most filtered results based on your preference.

Moving forward, we will discuss now how to create lookalike audience. So let’s start:

Lookalike audiences are the holy grail of Facebook ad targeting because they consistently deliver the best results.

Create a Facebook lookalike audience based on an existing audience.

Lookalike audiences are effective because of the most powerful algorithm used by FB. Facebook takes the data points from a source audience that you specify and uses them to find similar people. It’s like cloning your existing audience.

What Are Facebook Lookalike Audiences?

Facebook lookalike audiences are an advanced targeting option that goes beyond the basic interest and demographic targeting functionality. They’re currently the most effective Facebook targeting tool to find your ideal customer.

Unlike interest-based targeting, lookalike audiences allow you to create the source audience, giving you more control. As a result, you end up with better-quality audiences because you can find new audiences that are almost identical to your existing ones.

You can create 4 different type of Lookalike audience which are:

#1: Create a Video Lookalike Audience

If you’re running a video-based content strategy and want to scale your campaigns to reach more people, lookalike audiences let you find new people based on those who’ve already watched your videos.

#2: Set Up Email List Lookalike Audiences

Did you know Email-based lookalike audiences often deliver the best results? Because you can take your existing customer list and use that as the source for your lookalike audience, essentially cloning your customer base.

#3: Create Conversion Lookalike Audiences

Conversion lookalike audiences let you find new target audiences using a website custom audience of people who have completed a specific conversion event.

#4: Construct Page Likes Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike audiences for page likes are the easiest to set up because you build them from the fans of your Facebook page. If you have a large number of Facebook fans who actively engage with your organic posts, a page likes lookalike audience is a great way to find new similar target audiences.

Do you use Facebook lookalike audiences for your Facebook ads? If yes, please share your experience. And if you want to create a result-oriented successful FB campaign with the one of the best online lead generation service India Company, contact us at Lunatic Devs.

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