Its Time to Update Your Website. Have You Checked These Signs?

You have an attractive web design, flashy features, upgraded plugins or functionality, even than you are feeling a pain to get your results. It’s time to take a step back and re-examine your current website. The best website development agency Delhi says that you need to update or upgrade your site at regular interval or when something a big change has just happened in the industry.

But if you are not sure when the time to update your site is, here are some signs that instinct you to examine your current website.

  1. Keyword Trends:

As per the best SEO practice, you should always keep your targeting keywords updated. If you notice a big change in your targeting set of trending keywords, it’s time to change your web copy. Just find out what is trending and what has become obsolete and then update it with the help of website deployment agency Delhi or India.

  • Customer Pain Points Have Changed:

Remember that – “You’re not selling products and services, you’re selling solutions to problems” if you want to win the game of marketing and stay ahead of your competitors.

When writing website copy, selling solutions is not the primary goal.

Instead, you need to sell your understanding of the problem.

The better you are at demonstrating empathy with your clients’ pain points, the easier it will be to sell the solution. To properly address relevant pain points, you need to get down and dirty in understanding what’s going on right here and now.

For example, COVID-19 and the rapid transition to remote work setups opened the door for a number of new cybercrimes.

Almost overnight, the pain point for many businesses shifted from protecting on-site servers to protecting employees’ home setups from data breaches.

  • Solution has been Obsolete:

Do check what is expected by your customers. Are they happy with your current solution or they expect something extra or something new? Check what is in the pocket of your competitors. And made changes accordingly. Bring something new or innovative with the help of website development agency Delhi in your Home page itself.

  • Your Competitors are Outshining You:

Again, you need to through check your competitor’s profile what they are offering to impress your customers. How they represent themselves. There are very much chances that have strong representation skill even if they are lacking in service or offered solution. So checkout what is making them grow?

  • Your Brand Voice Has Changed:

You have implement or upgraded certain things internally. So you also need to showcase it your customers and that you can do through your website as well.

Remember you website should show an exact copy of what you are doing and offering. In case of any assistance, please contact us at Lunatic Devs, one of the best website development agency Delhi for all your design, development and marketing requirements.

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