How to Get the Quality Backlinks for Your Website?

Do you always think why we always emphasize on backlink and strategies to get the quality backlink to your website? Its because SEO is all about Link building. If you get linked to the most crowded and authentic place, chances to get increased visitor and in turn visibility gets high. In fact, all best SEO Company India do focus on Link Building.

Link Building Strategies:

In this article, we have brought you some more techniques to get the quality backlinks to your website. Let’s dive into this:

  1. Find unlinked brand, product, name, etc. – Just google it to find the unlinked brands, products, names, quotes or whatever related to your business. Doing a search for these things within quotes and looking at the first several pages of results to ensure that all those results are linking back to your site. They likely are not, so those will be your opportunities to send a message or an email asking for the webmaster or the writer to provide a link back to your site with your mention. Clearly, one of the easiest things to do to get the quality backlink.
  2. Unlinked Images: If you’re working with a website that has a lot of proprietary images or really great graphic design, maybe you have infographics or some things that are special to the brand or the domain. Use Google reverse image search and put in the images that you think might have been taken or used on other websites. You will immediately see what those websites are and whether they link back to your site. If not, you can simply ask them to credit the website and link back accordingly. 
  3. Redirect your 404 page with backlink:  Checkout all of your web pages that currently have backlinks but the page is no longer there You just change that to 400s, 404s, then simply do it 301 redirect. It means to redirect the old broken page to a new relevant page, and your kind of saving that authority that is being sent to your site.
  4. Move Backlink Targets: This is quite new tactic and basically all about moving backlink targets. It means where you have backlinks to older resources or older content or products that you want restructured to newer or more important pages on your website. 

Feel free to let us know whether you are convinced with the tricks of getting quality backlinks. If you too have any great ideas, please let us know down in the comments, and I look forward to know all those wonderful tips.

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