5 LinkedIn Features You Probably Don’t Know

You might be using Facebook and Instagram for your business growth, but did you know LinkedIn has been steadily growing and it has brought more than 500 million users on board. And you will be amazed to know that LinkedIn (53%) came in a close second, just after Instagram (62%) in terms of popularity, a survey by Buffer. And that’s why it is becoming the popular choice of all best social media marketing company in India.

Today, LinkedIn caters to the professional and business needs of its 675 million members. Over the past few years, LinkedIn has added many features to the site. It keeps updating these features basis the changing trends in communication, marketing, business sector etc. Most B2b business are using it as a first preference, it is helpful to know those important features if you are a b2b. 91% of B2B marketers are using LinkedIn for sharing content.

Top LinkedIn Features

LinkedIn has become the greatest tool for audience building. That’s why most of the best social media marketing company in India recommend to have an active LinkedIn profile for your business growth. Let’s know the important features as well.

1. Export Your Connections:

This feature allows you to easily export your connections to other contact management systems. The contacts are downloaded in a spreadsheet – either .CSV or .VCF format. This list will include the contacts’ names, current company names and email addresses.

2. Delete, Manage, And Edit Your Skills & Endorsements:

If you use LinkedIn to drive traffic to your blog, and acquire new skills, this feature is especially useful for you. Listing down your skills will attract relevant employers, impress people enough to visit your blog and position you as a unique professional.

3. LinkedIn Showcase Page:

LinkedIn Showcase pages are the perfect way to segment your inbound LinkedIn traffic. If you want to; create a business unit that is directly connected to a specific target audience then creating a showcase page will help you immensely. Showcase pages were basically custom-made for B2B companies to generate more leads.

4. Add Media Files to Your Profile

Did you know that LinkedIn enables you to include a variety of media files like videos, documents, photos, links, and presentations in your profile? Adding such media files to your ‘summary, education, and experience’ sections of your LinkedIn profile further authenticates it.

5. Video Posts

From a content marketing standpoint, you can’t go wrong with video. LinkedIn has made videos a priority, highlighting them in the newsfeed and setting them to auto play.

LinkedIn is more brought than you think and if used correctly it can give you immense benefit plus a quality traffic only. If you want to know more or understand it more and why it is a strong choice of best social media marketing company in India, please connect with us at Lunatic Devs at info@lunaticdevs.com along with your queries.

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