Top 5 Instagram Marketing Tip to Grow Your Business

Did you know that 1 billion people use Instagram every month and one third of the most viewed stories are from businesses? Also, the potential advertising reach of Instagram is 849.3M users. That’s why, Instagram is the most popular choice of all best social media marketing company in India. It is also true that when you think about social media to promote or advertise your business, Instagram isn’t probably the first option that you think of. 

However, being one of the fastest and most effective social media platforms in last couple of years more and more businesses, entrepreneurs, and brands are considering to reach there, to tap a younger audience. Since the engagement factor on Instagram is immensely high in comparison to Facebook, it’s definitely the platform that has the potential to move businesses from a tiny company to a burgeoning one. And so the best social media marketing company in India always recommend it.

Let’s learn few tips to grow your business with Instagram:

Look below how the best social media marketing company in India utilizes the Instagram to grow your business.

1. Represent Your Business in Most Creative Way:

It takes just two-tenths of a second for someone to form an opinion on your brand online. It means, it’s incredibly important how you showcase your business among your target audience. Your Instagram profile and bio will be the first thing that your prospect customer will see it. Remember add values to your customer’s live, but in a seamlessly pretty manner.

2. Share Good and Informative Content Consistently:

Make sure your photos look professional and eye-catching. Sometimes a slight boost of contrast and exposure is all you need. When you consistently share great photos and videos over time, you’ll stand out from businesses that share subpar photos that were quickly snapped and uploaded.

3. Monitor Hashtags in Your Market

By exploring and keeping an eye on relevant hashtags, you can grow your Insta-community over time by making in-app connections. Follow the accounts of others who are in your industry, including industry thought leaders, similar businesses that aren’t your direct competition, or users who have shown interest in your type of content based on who else they’re following. These accounts will often follow you back.

4. Contest with Another Account:

By partnering with another Instagram business in your same niche, the two of you can offer a giveaway or contest that requires users to follow both of your accounts to be entered.

5. Don’t Buy Followers:

You could purchase thousands of Instagram followers overnight, but this won’t actually help your business. There’s no purpose to having 10,000 followers if only 50 of them are real people who are actually interested in your product or service.

So are you ready to Grow, Grow, Grow . . . and Go! Contact us if you want to boost your business on Instagram like never before.

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