How to Create and Company Business LinkedIn Page for Your Small Size Business?

In today’s digital-driven climate, no business can afford to ignore the power of Social media. Businesses who are dealing in more professional services and mostly in B2B understands the importance of LinkedIn to connect with their audience, increase their business reach and building goodwill. Can your business be found on LinkedIn? Let’s know how a social media marketing agency build your LinkedIn company page and optimize it for maximum results.

Why Social Media is Important?

We all know that Social media platforms allow businesses to communicate with customers during an emergency, highlight products and services, and even get real insight from customers about expectations, wants, and needs.

And LinkedIn is definitely no exception to this.

Why Choose LinkedIn?

Being an employee-oriented platform, LinkedIn provides a professional atmosphere for many business operations including hiring, internal communication, and industry-related groups for information, events, and more.

However, all of these features don’t add any value if your customers can’t find the business in the first place. Even if your profile doesn’t have appropriate information, a user may lose his interest and left without taking any action. Not having a LinkedIn profile somehow loose the interest of your audience as well because it is so popular and all major brands including your competitors are available on it.

The biggest reason for having an optimized LinkedIn company page is the potential it creates for new business leads, partnerships, and opportunities that brands may just not find elsewhere. So let’s learn how to create a company page and how to optimize it?

How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page?

Social media marketing agency follows all rules to build a strong and powerful company page so that further optimization will become easy.

Follow these steps to create a Company page:

  • You can do so by selecting the Work tab to the right of your profile icon in the top right corner of the window.
  • Scroll to the bottom of that dropdown and you’ll find “Create a Company Page.”
  • To do so, you’ll need to select the page type based on your business.
  • Then you’ll begin populating important fields tied to Page Identity, Company Details, and Profile Details.

Make sure the Page Name is the official business name and consistent with all other online profiles.

Quick Tip to Optimize the Company page:

  • Set a business URL for your company page. For the LinkedIn public URL, try to use something related to the official page name if the exact business name is unavailable. Try to use the official business name first, though.
  • Be sure the company details are accurate, especially the industry type. All of these inputs have an effect on the visibility of the Page.
  • For profile details, be sure to choose a logo that is consistent with the brand, namely the official logo that represents the company across the web. It should be clear and meet the specific size recommendations of LinkedIn, which are 300 x 300px and either a JPG, JPEG, or PNG.
  • Use keywords in it where possible, but it should be natural, and a keyword(s) should not just be added for “SEO reasons.”

After all, above tasks, click on “Create page” and you will then be prompted to start building your page out. It will help you get a professional LinkedIn company page which is optimized.

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