How to Build a Powerful and Automated Content Calendar – Part 1?

As a marketer you would relate that a solid, stabilized content marketing plans as a part of digital marketing services is vital for a brand’s online digital marketing success. It is also equally important to follow it consistently the way it planned to see the desired outcome.

But more than 80% marketers and content strategist feel stressed to handle planning, creation and execution of the content in an orderly manner. And the situation gets more difficult when new tasks get added up and they overlap the earlier ones, increasing the chances of you missing regular posting schedule. Ultimately your digital marketing services will result drop in your brand’s metrics, and a loss of effort from previous work.

Since there are too many channels to plan and publish your content over digital media and content marketing is all about consistency, there need to be some checks in place so that your content manager doesn’t miss out on anything.

Let’s understand this with a simple situation:

Any idea about what your content team is going to post, share, and blogging in the coming week? How about next month, next year? Over the years, one challenge is being organized and disciplined in my professional life. For me being disciplined means organizing the content that is produced daily, weekly, monthly and getting transparent with necessary stakeholders. To give you an example, if a company works with a central design team, it is the responsibility of the content team to update the design team ahead of time.

Understanding the importance of this scenario, I planned to do work on building a powerful content calendar and making it easily available so that you will never miss an update. In this post, you will find some quick tips to create a functioning content calendar example that will help you to plan out your things. It will also help you understand what I am talking about.

To know all fully functional steps, you have to wait for Part-2 of this article and believe me you will enjoy those steps

Quick tips

How to setup a new calendar and grab a calendar ID

  • In Google Calendar, go to My calendars -> Create new calendar.
  • Name the calendar whatever you want (we named ours “Content Stories”).
  • Share the calendar with everyone in your organization. Managers should be able to Make changes AND manage sharing whereas employees should just be able to See all event details.
  • Click Create Calendar. Your calendar should now appear under My Calendars.
  • Click the drop-down next to the calendar and select Calendar settings.
  • Under the Calendar address section find the Calendar ID.
  • Now set up the calendar the way you want based on your organization’s requirements.

Note: You can write a script with the help of your Developer to automate it.

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Stay tuned to the Part-2. Happy learning!

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