How to Start Your Own Blog with the Best Digital Marketing Services Company – Part 2

In our previous blog you have read how to make money by writing your own blog with the best digital marketing company.

It is true that you can make earn a handsome amount from your blog – all you need to bring consistence and quality in your content. However, it is tough without the support of best digital marketing services company. Both writing and marketing go hand in hand. So don’t forget to associate some good SEO partner to experience the best results.

Furthermore, we will read how to start your own blog.  But first of all read this and make it your “Mool Mantra” if you want to get success.

Start from Today

Before starting any blog be clear that you will start from today not tomorrow. Write today not tomorrow. It’s the power of today that you can make commitment to yourself for completion. Tomorrow can never come.

I know it’s tough but not so much. Just imagine you will get paid for it. If you do late you get late or maybe not because someone else has started it from today. Just do it.

After you are clear and passionate enough to start with then simply follow these steps:

  1. Decide the Niche of blog

Before starting your own blog, you should have an idea or niche on which you want to write. Like health, insurance, finance, travel, jokes, makeup, news and beauty etc. There are so many topics with which you can start.

  • Prepare a piece of writing

Once you are ready with your topic, create a piece of content that you want to publish anywhere.

  • Online platform to Write

Now you need a place where you can publish your blog. You can design or develop your own portal with the help of best website design and Development Company. If you are really very new in this field, start with free blog channels like and start writing. If you have a long goals, you should own a self – hosted WordPress blog.

  • Web Hosting & Domain

Once you are finalized with your own blog platform you need to start with a buying a domain name of your choice and that should be hosted on any server. Nowadays you can buy a domain name in just 99 Rs itself from Godaddy and can host it on shared hosting on affordable price.

  • Post Content:

You have your own blog and have your first piece of content, just go ahead and post it.

  • Do SEO, SMO, Email Marketing, and Much More:

One of the most important things, you have to do to get some quality traffic and build the credibility of your site on search engine. Without marketing, you content in Dead on your blog. Hire some best digital marketing services company to rank your blog. They follow various tactics like SEO, SMO, PPC, Email Marketing, and many other things that are required to gain the traffic.

Remember, only some good and credible traffic will make your chances of making money through it, and we have already read how to make money through it in our previous post.

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