How To Use LinkedIn Marketing for Your Branding

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Many of the best digital marketing agency in India says that – The new age of marketing starts with LinkedIn. In this era of Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, and Twitter, many of us have forgotten the essence of LinkedIn. LinkedIn marketing is the one of the most trusted and recommended thing that a digital marketer should never ignore. In fact, with nearly 610 million users (40% log-in daily), LinkedIn is truly a goldmine for B2B brands to network with credible businesses and influential professionals. Furthermore, it allows you to harness the power of word-of-mouth for lead generation. 

Let’s know why the best digital marketing agencies in India recommend and use LinkedIn Marketing for branding:

  1. Optimized Company Page: Firstly and the most importantly, a company or business needs an optimized LinkedIn page to gain more attention. Brands with a company page that are updated and complete receive 2x more visitors than incomplete ones. Tapping into features like a custom URL , adding a logo and high-res cover image, filling out a meaningful description in 2,000 characters (the first 156 characters will appear in your page’s Google preview!), – these are all important aspects that can help you achieve more than 90% visibility for LinkedIn company page.
  2. Put Some Measurable Goals: Getting a LinkedIn page is not enough until you don’t utilize it in your favour. Do you want to use LinkedIn for social selling? Or is the goal to establish your brand as a thought leader? What is your timeframe? Answer these questions to yourself and plan accordingly.
  3. Connect with Team on LinkedIn:  Maximize your reach by asking all of your employees to connect with your brand’s LinkedIn page. And, make sure they update their personal page’s information to reflect they are a part of your organization. 
  4. Publish Meaningful Content: You can grow your audience on LinkedIn and keep them engaged by sharing meaningful articles and updates. LinkedIn itself recommends a post per weekday – this will help you stand out amongst the pool of other thought-leaders. 
  5. Utilize LinkedIn Groups: Whether you are active in relevant LinkedIn groups or create a LinkedIn group of your own, this can be a great way to connect with potential clients, journalists and influencers outside of your immediate circle.
  6. LinkedIn Ads: LinkedIn offers a variety of advertising options – sponsored content, pay-per-click or CPM text ads and sponsored InMail messages that can be utilized as per business demand or strategy you have adopted.

And yes, check Analytics regularly so that you can know about the most engaging post, your audience, behaviours and much more. If you want to adopt LinkedIn marketing for your business or the further potential for you, please contact us at Lunatic Devs. We are known as one of the best digital marketing agency in India.

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