Your Refined Email List Can Be Your Biggest Asset!

Did you know 80% of businesses feel email marketing increases customer retention and sales as per Hubspot? Not just this, but also Direct Marketing Association also states that the average ROI for email marketing is estimated to be a lucrative 4,300%. However the many of best digital marketing agency in India state that, a lot of businesses who want to create impactful email campaigns face two critical challenges today –

  • As email lists age, a lot of IDs become inactive or invalid. How can they filter through the data to get good quality email data?
  • New guidelines governing consumer privacy prohibit businesses from sending out mass emails without a formal consent from the recipients. How do you show proof of consent?

So it’s time to transform, your email list and making it your brand’s biggest asset:

Follow the below step by step procedure:

Step 1: Analyses and Clean up Your Old List

If you have thousands of email IDs on-file from over the years, it might not be in accordance with CAM-SPAM, CCPA and current online laws, which require an explicit, documented opt-in from consumers. Furthermore, many email IDs might be inactive, duplicate or incorrect, which results in a high bounce rate. This is why it is important to refine your old email IDs – to remove irrelevant ones immediately. 

Step 2: Keep Adding New & Relevant Email IDs

Once you clean up your old list, its time to alter this list with new leads.  This can be accomplished fairly easily. Consider setting up “honey pots” on your Website with different offers on different pages to collect subscribers. For example, you can capture leads on your blog page who sign-up to download a free resource guide you created. You can capture leads who are interested in a demo of your product on your “shop now” page. You can capture leads who are interested in your Webinars through ‘Registration forms’.

Step 3: Segment, Then Segment Some More

Now is the time to set up a funnel to channel new leads from your Website into the system on an ongoing basis, it is crucial to segment your list intelligently based on action steps each subscriber takes.

You can segment your list based on location, industry, function, title, and their engagement rate.

Step 4: Communicate Consistently

Remember to engage with your customers consistently, but based on the level of receptivity they exhibit. Certain segments might only be interested in emails once a month. Some might be interested in communication weekly. Others might even be interested in hearing from your brand multiple times a week.

Despite all other SEO services, it is important to incorporate email marketing as a plan of your digital marketing package. Contact us at Lunatic Devs, one of the best digital marketing agency in India offer you developing and executing highly effective email campaigns for clients of all sizes.

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