How to Recover The SEO Traffic and Current Ranking after Website Redesigning -Part 2?

In previous part of this article, you have read some initial steps regarding recovering of SEO traffic and current ranking followed by the web development company in India. Here is the list of some other points you need to take care when you find the Usual suspects and follow the further steps:

Protocol and Domain Issue:

Let’s understand this point by considering a situation. If your site was previously on and with the new site you also make changes to the protocol, let’s say (https), subdomain (www), or domain then your redirects need to take this into consideration. is not the same as For this, you need to be careful or specific with all the details you put together along with an extra attention regarding domain, subdomain, and protocol.

Historic Changes:

In 2018, many sites have several previous iterations, often with many changes to the protocol, domain name, and subdomains. However, the migration was performed very carefully, still the traffic was failing.

It may be because of web developers have no knowledge of previous domain and that historic redirect was never put in place. Unfortunately, in one key example the original domain that had over 10 years’ history been lost. So as a conclusion, it’s better to understand any historic domain changes and redirects prior to this initial design.

Technical Issues:

Sometimes it may happen that the new site is not kept together in prescribed manner and the problems arises related to the technical optimization of the new site. Crawl issues, canonical URLs, indexation – there is a lot that can go wrong. So your developers need to actively look into the entire audit process.

Optimization Issue:

Sometimes the optimization does not make it from the old to the new site. Sadly, we still see sites with the same page title on all pages and other real basics just not done properly. Crawl your site and make sure the basics are done correctly.

Step 5 – If Everything Looks Good

You are ready with your new site and had a solid migration plan in hand. You have checked everything over and there are no issues. But, you are still losing traffic. What could be the reason? Its time to dig the following points:

  • Analytics: Is your analytics set up working correctly? Make sure all pages are correctly tagged and are reporting page views. Consider recent changes like AMP pages.
  • Algorithm Change: Did your website launch in the timeframe of a Google Algorithm change?
  • Seasonal: Review analytics for previous years and Google Trends to ensure this is not just a natural downturn.
  • SERP Changes: Changes to search engine page layouts can impact organic traffic.
  • Manual Penalty
  • Security Issues

These might be the issue and points you need to consider for recovering your traffic. We recommend you to connect with any web development company in India that can help you in successful migration process.

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