Is Your Content Have Naked Link? Here’s how Google Will Handle it?

Sometimes we find a bare link that is not hidden under Anchor Text in our piece of content. Did you know how Google react on it? SEO India Companies do consider every piece of information sitting on your web page so that better results can be obtained. In a Google Office Hours SEO hangout Google Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller answered how Google handles links that don’t have anchor text. 

First of all, let’s understand what is Naked Links?

There are many kinds of links, including branded links, keyword optimized links, no followed links, etc. This question was about a type of link that is referred to as a naked link.

A naked link is a link that is in the form of the URL.

Here’s an example of how a “naked” link would look on a web page:

Here’s how the HTML would look for the above link:

<a href=””></a>

So let’s know how Google reacts on it or Handle it.

Generally, SEO India companies follows Google latest announcements to keep updated how Google react on particular thing and naked linked announcements is one of the latest.

So the answer given by John Muller on this:

“I think by naked URL it’s basically just someone is linking with the URL as the anchor text.”

“….in that situation we treat that URL as the anchor text.

From what I understand, our systems do try to recognize this and say well, this is just a URL that is linked, it’s not that there’s a valuable anchor here.

So we can take this into account as a link but we can’t really use that anchor text for anything in particular.

So from that point of view it’s a normal link but we don’t have any context there.”

URL having Keywords:

In the absence of an anchor text (containing keywords), f your URL have some keywords or set of keywords might be able to provide some information or function to the Google.

Can Surrounding Text or Topic Influence Link:

John Mueller nodded his head in affirmation and said,

“Sure. But that’s more kind of secondary. Like that really strong piece of context from the anchor text that’s missing in that case.

And then like small things around the side, that does help us a little bit… but really the kind of the primary aspect of that link is kind of gone.

And I mean usually that doesn’t matter. It’s not that it counts against your website in any way.

It’s just… well for this particular link we don’t really know what the context is.”

So you know how Google react on it and having a keyword in the URL or in surrounding text is important. Make sure your writing is full of keyword density.

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