How to Integrate SEO Services with Content Marketing to Get Quality Leads – Part 2

By now, you have already filled with a lot of information regarding SEO services and content marketing their effects on each other. As both the terms go hand in hand; you cannot overpass any of them if you really want to rank higher. In our previous part of article, you have read about SEO services and content marketing, their relation, SEO impact on content and more. The best SEO Company in Delhi always emphasize on the strong understanding of both the terms.

We have brought a little more information to give you a better understanding. Let’s expand the topic.

Start New Topic Only When It is Actually Needed

In our previous post you have read about Keyword Cannibalization; which is avoiding the keyword duplicity. At this context, we mean to say that if you want to write on certain topic and that is written previously, you should not make a fresh piece for it. Either upgrade that piece only or if they are scattered in more than one, consider migrating them all into one page and using that as the foundation for your new content piece.

Only start creating a new content piece, if you have a true content gap and have not covered the post in the past.

Analyse or Research on Google First Page Results

Before jumping into content writing, let’s have a look on Page 1 of Google to determine the right type of content to rank well. Generally, content creators guess the user’s intent behind the query. However, you need to understand how Google interprets your search query.

You will find that there are at least nine different types of search results that provide different types of content to the user.

  • Research: Definitions, long guides, knowledge graphs or featured snippets
  • Answer: Usual zero-click searches like weather, currency conversion, time zones
  • Transactional: Product and category pages, ecommerce results
  • Local: Maps, local results
  • Visual: Images, thumbnails media elements
  • Videos.
  • News: Newspapers, tweets, top stories
  • Branded: Homepage with sitelinks, social media channels of a brand
  • Mixed: When Google is not clear on the search intent, they provide a bit of all. Google “Panda” or “Jaguar” to check it out.

You can use tools to save time in your Page 1 review but ultimately, a good content creator will always leave the tools and have a real look and factor the learnings into their content briefing.

Make it a Fit for SEO

Yes, KEYWORD plays an important role. Every piece of content will start ranking for many synonyms and variations because Google is getting better and better at understanding concepts and context. But Google’s algorithm is also still an algorithm. So make it easy for Google to understand what your piece is all about. Yes, you will still want to use your main keyword in:

  • URL
  • Headline H1
  • Meta Page Title
  • First Paragraph

Make sure, you have to optimize your images as well, especially if you are trying to win a visual search result page.

Technical Love:

To be truly fit for SEO, you will lastly want to make sure to implement schema markup and structured data.

Technical SEO helps to increase clarity for Google.


So your content will rank higher or gain popularity if you are good at its SEO plan. Make sure:

  • Select specific, clearly distinct, and unique topic ideas.
  • Use keyword research to prioritize content ideas.
  • Update existing pages if you want to cover a topic again.
  • Review Page 1 to understand the content type to create.
  • Optimize your page with keywords.
  • Implement schema markup

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