Responsive Web Design is Important for a Good SEO!

Responsive Web Design is Important for a Good SEO! You have heard it right. The best SEO Company in India always consider this point on their priority list at the time of initial web optimization. Before a Good SEO, check if your web design is responsive or not.

In this article, we will explain the top 5 facts about responsive web design so that you can take care of it at the time of development before going to the best SEO Company in India.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is an approach that allows any website to behave according to the screen size, platform, and orientations of the user’s device/environment. It ensures that web pages look good and responsive on all devices like desktops, tablets, and phones. Unlike Static page layout, the responsive web design gives the ease of resizing, hiding, shrinking, enlarging or moving the content so that it appears with a good impression on any screen. These features are enabled on web pages using CSS and HTML.

How to Ensure Your Web Design is Responsive?

It is very simple to check whether the web design is responsive or static. Let’s do a small test – Open a web page (i.e. required to check) on your computer. Pull it in the corner of the IE browser window. If the design changes adapt to the small screen of the device, it is responsive. Apparently, the design is static if it does not change and get the scroll bars on the side and bottom of the small screen.

As we discussed already, responsive web design is the need of every business for consequent growth and success. Furthermore, we are sharing the top five facts to elaborate the need of responsive web design.

  1. Almost 50% of Web Search Happens through Mobile Devices

People are addicted to their smartphone’s or tablets now-a-days, as they are occupied with all smart features and easy to carry. Moreover, Wi-Fi is more rapidly available and cellular data plans are less expensive. Also, Google announced that more web search occurred in mobile compared to any other mediums in May 2015.

  • Responsive Sites  Affect Search Engine Ranking

On 21 April 2015, Google announced the responsive site will get favour in search engine ranking. Keep an eye on below results by one survey report for important 1000 e-commerce keywords,

  • Almost 83% for top#1 search results are mobile friendly.
  •  81% for top 3 search results are mobile friendly.
  • 77% results on a search page are mobile friendly.

(Facts collected through Search Engine Land)

  • Some Industries needs Mobile Friendly Sites as a Must

The larger industries such as e-commerce are highly adopting mobile–friendly websites because of the higher level of competitions. To check how much mobile friendly site is needed, you should know below facts:

  • Traffic Breakdown: Through Google Analytics Tool, view the traffic on mobile versus traditional browser. You know how much responsive site is needed to stay in the competition.
  • Check Your Competitors: Check your competitor’s site. If it is responsive than upgrade your site as soon as possible.
  • To Ensure Quality User Experience

The responsive website provides better user experiences who are viewing your site. We all know that website is an important marketing tool, so keep it optimized so that user don’t need to scroll right or left for viewing completely.

  • It is No Longer an After-Thought

Mobile friendliness of a website is not an afterthought for web developers, designers, and even users. Everyone expects the same mobile site functioning on smartphones and tablets as traditional browsers. Even most of the people surf only mobile sites. So, it would be good to have the responsive design for your upcoming or existing website.

In summarizing, the responsive web design is need of the hour if you want to stay in competition. To develop a brand new website or to customize the running website for your business, make sure you get the mobile-first web design approach, then only you can go to the best SEO Company in India for website optimization.

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