What Should You Do When Your Marketing Efforts Are Just Not Working?

Did you know nine out of every 10 start-ups get failed (A source by Forbes Article)? And the most common reason for this failure is their inability to establish trust and attract customers to their new brand. And it happens even after hiring the best SEO Company in India. We all know that doing competition with a well-known brand is significantly tough for start-ups whom nobody has heard of. Even though your product or service offering may be revolutionary or one of a kind, you may not able to break into the MARKET.

Still not getting the desired output?

If you are in a similar situation, you must be feeling like blowing a broken horn. So, here is my question for you – do you feel you are doing something wrong in your business or marketing plan and not able to figure out what it is? Then you must reconsider your marketing plan. Go to the best SEO company in India and see what they say and how they put focus on your target audience. Because, it is equally important that you reach your brand to its target audience. Remember, each product/service is unique and need a customize solution according to its audience. So, you need to figure out your target audience first and then consider the Right marketing channel for its promotion.

Have you figured out the ‘Right’ marketing channel for you?

You must have heard the story of “Nirma Washing Powder”, which had established themselves a dictating term in 1970s. At that time, nobody knew Nirma. But Karshanbhai Patel (CEO and founder of Nirma Washing Powder) took it as a challenge and organised their marketing plan around it. From getting the stocks out from the market to promoting it on TV, radio and newspaper instead of door to door selling had created a huge brand buzz. People were demanding Nirma and it beat ‘Surf’ in 1980s, which had a strong presence.

Similarly, you need to find out the innovation according to the trend. We are in 21st century and all traditional channels like newspaper, TV, Radio, magazines are almost dead now. In new age of marketing, people are addicted to Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads and Twitter.

So, are you making your focus on these popular social trends?

Have you well-planned your overall strategy?

If your answer is yes and still not getting the desired output, you need to check your marketing strategy. You can contact us to get customized marketing plan to lift your business among your target audience. Are you ready for to reveal the formula for your business?

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