Grow Up Your Social Media with Some Lights, Camera, and Action!

Video Marketing is the latest sensation of the century. Not just Your Tube, go to any social media platform – be it Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. All are filled with numerous video content. So if you are looking for the latest, ground breaking strategy to bolster into the market and obtain startling results quicker than ever, start investing in video marketing. All best social media marketing in India emphasize the need of video content to grow up your social media account and to engage the audience.

In video marketing, Livestreaming is a new sensation that you can include in your current marketing strategy. It brings phenomenal engagement and has a lot more influencing power to connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Why Video Marketing is So Popular?

If you are wondering why video marketing has gained popularity in such a short time, it’s pretty clear! YouTube alone has over a billion users, which is almost one-third of total internet users. Such a large number of audiences make room for advertisers to advertise their contents.

What Statistics Says?

It is predicted that at the end of 2017, Video content will represent 74% of all internet traffic as it is most powerful way to create more and more engagements.

  • 87% of Online Marketers use visuals in their contents.
  • 82% of Twitter Users watch video contents on Twitter.
  • 45% of people watch more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube Videos in a week.
  • More than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube each day.
  • 4X as many consumers would prefer to watch a video about a product than to read about it.
  • Using the word “video” in an email subject line boosts open rate by 19% and click-through rate by 65%.

So why wait! Let’s switch on the LIGHTS for some action!

You should follow a perfect strategic plan as prescribed by the best social media marketing company in India that includes storyboarding, thinking through the concept, video tapping and final production. Always try to bring creativity to your strategy. Don’t forget to include new innovation to achieve remarkable benefits for your end goal.

Think through these five key points for planning a video campaign to boost up your social media platform.

  • Creativity: It may be an old idea but executed differently. Find alternative ways to create interest in audience. Avoid same type of advertisements. And also don’t forget to scroll your previous post of channel to understand your current and prospect audience and interest of audience.
  • Technology: Take advantage of advanced consumer technology. No time to load and buffer.
  • Unique: Differentiate your message with 100% authentic and genuine content. Show something that people want to watch.
  • Optimized: Optimize your video to share it on mobile and desktops.
  • Conversion Rate: Make it attractive. Use impressive content to get better click-through rate/subscribe to your services. 

Okay, you have known the secrets of making a good and powerful video but do you know the benefits of it for your business?

Big Benefits of Video Marketing

  • SEO Success: Add video to your landing page and it creates 53% more likely to appear on the first page of Google.
  • Social Share: A good video encourages large amount of engagement. People love to share the video on their social networks.
  • Higher Conversion: Video on landing page can increase conversion by 80%.
  • Mobile Sales: 40% of consumers reported that visual contents increase the sale opportunity on a mobile device..

Looking at above benefits, you must have aware with the facts that Video is no longer a luxury, but a requirement of current marketing strategy, especially your social media plan. What do you think?

Moving further, you must have aware with the importance of video marketing and why should you care for it. Now it’s time to pick your camera and shoot something.

Camera – Select the right platform, don’t just go with any.

Grab your audience attention by shooting something live no matter wherever you are. Believe me, it works.  Choose any of the social channels based on your business goal and prospect customer for livestreaming.

  1. YouTube Live: The most popular and the most powerful. It allows access to large number of audience, ease of use, built-in comment section to talk while live, and a lot more flexible options.
  2. Facebook Live: The largest social network has made it super easy for you to go live and showcase yourself. So it makes a lot of sense to use its Live feature.
  3. Snapchat Live: Snapchat has a great potential for capturing visual attention and emotional responses and that can last up to 24 hours. This creates some impetus for your customers to pay close attention to your feed so they don’t miss anything important.
  4. Periscope Live: It’s specifically designed just for live streaming. Periscope video play right on Twitter. It means you can reach Periscope and Twitter users at the same time.
  5. Instagram Live: If your audience is mostly younger, than Instagram might be a good choice.

There are a lot more other options to shoot a perfect video for business/services such as Whiteboard Explainer Video, Animated Explainer Video, Video Infographics, Video Sales Letter, Tutorial Video, Instructional Video, Product Video, Webinar Video, etc. you can choose as per your own convenience.

If you are wondering what content to shoot, consider these options:

  • Product or Company Important Announcements
  • Product Demonstration
  • Live Q&A’s with Team Members.
  • Group Support and Feedback.
  • Impromptu Giveaways.
  • Flash Sales or Discounts.
  • Live Auctions or Raffles.

Now you have the idea of video with you, so can we get some action going?

Action – Shoot Something Interesting and Authentic!

Consider these ideas that can make your video truly engaging and exciting:

  1. Bring Employees on Camera: Give a face to your company by explaining it vision, expertise, environment, work, and of course their clients (site or work). Let your people do the talking!
  2. Make Customers the Stars: Include their testimonials, ask them to participate live on any contest and survey.
  3. Highlight Your Expertise: People are always excited to hear Business leaders, their success stories and their opinions, so interview your boss.
  4. Record at Event: No need to bring production crew. Just take your smartphone and shoot it. It’s really that simple.
  5. Create Screencasts: Try to include a product demo or a webinar. Provide value so that maximum can push the record button.

At last, I will just say keep shooting. Streaming revolution has arrived. Use cool streaming tools and keep springing forth. Still if you have any query, drop your comment in the comment box or write us your message.

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How LinkedIn can Help You Grow Your Business?

Did you know LinkedIn, a popular social media networking site has 610 million users (Source – LinkedIn) and more than 19 million company pages? If you are not in the list, you’re missing the great opportunities to showcase your business or services in front of the audience that matters most to your business. The best social media marketing company in India if you have hired for you will never lose a chance to represent you on world’s most trusted social media platform for your growth.

Let’s have a look at popular stats to emphasize the fact:

  • LinkedIn currently has over 610 million members.
  • The network has 303 million active monthly users, 40% of which visit the site daily.
  • 90 million senior-level influencers and 63 million decision makers use LinkedIn.
  • 92% of Fortune 500 companies use LinkedIn.
  • 57% of companies had a LinkedIn company page in 2013.
  • 46% percent of the social media traffic to B2B company sites is from LinkedIn.
  • 97% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn as a content distribution channel.
  • Only 3 million LinkedIn users share content every week.
  • In 2016, LinkedIn users published 130,000 posts monthly.
  • LinkedIn is responsible for 80% of B2B leads from social media.


LinkedIn is a great platform for promoting your home business, finding a job or freelance work, and connecting with joint venture partners. If you have a home business that caters to other businesses (B2B) or have a business in which networking for partners or clients is important, you should be an active user of LinkedIn with active business page. This is what the best social media marketing company in India will do for your business growth.

Here is How LinkedIn can Help?

1. Brings attention of other users and businesses: The most easiest way to get noticed among your target audience list is to representing yourself as a Though Leader. Here you can elaborate clearly what do you do, your products or services, how you do, the way you are different from others through your blog content or status updates. Not only sharing the interesting content will help you get noticed among your connections but also you can dive into LinkedIn Answers and leverage LinkedIn Groups.

2. Get FOUND: The second-most popular Internet activity after email is SEARCH and LinkedIn has left no exception to benefit your profile or business of getting found. All you have to check that your LinkedIn profile is optimized for search.

Try to think like someone who may want to hire you or do business with you. If you’re a sales manager for an industrial lubricants business, for example, you might consider using the headline “Industrial Lubricants Expert” rather than “Sales Manager” if you hope to attract marketing prospects.

3. Light CRM Feature of LinkedIn: Another premium feature is LinkedIn’s profile organizer. This can allow you to save a particular prospect’s profile so you can find it easily. You can keep notes about that profile and when you reach out to the person again, those notes will appear. While this isn’t robust customer relationship management software, it can help save time and keep you organized.

However, you should always keep in mind that contacting LinkedIn users you don’t already know can be tricky — especially if you don’t want to come across as a spammer. This feature is enabled to keep your privacy and security. If you really think to connect with any of your prospects, don’t worry, LinkedIn provides you 3 free “In Mail” credits per month with basic account and more with your premium upgrade. Monitor the concerned profile and then send him or her a mail for your concern or business opportunity.

So adding LinkedIn page to your online marketing strategy will help you build up your reputation, connect with prospects and make brand among target audience.

If you are looking the best social media marketing company in India for your business, please contact us at Lunatic Devs. We will help you strategize you the best social media marketing plan for your business growth.

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How to Optimize Your Website Images for SEO?

Images are an important part of our content as they make our content more appealing and attract the web visitors. That’s why most of the best website development company include high-quality interactive images in the web page. Where they make your content more accessible, attractive and engaging, equally important for your website SEO. However, to strengthen the website SEO, we should have optimized images and the best digital marketing company always take care of it when owning a project for SEO.

What is Image Optimization?

Image optimization is the process of creating and delivering high-quality images in the ideal format, size, and resolution to increase user engagement. It also involves accurately naming images that includes the important industry keywords so search engine crawlers can read them and understand page context. The best digital marketing company always makes sure that all images are properly named and resized.

Improved user experience and interactions with your site have a positive impact on search engine rankings, which further improves customer engagement, conversions, and customer retention.

Why Images Should Be Optimized for a Good SEO?

There are many reasons, some of which are listed below:

  • They give search engines important contextual information. 
  • Optimized images speed up page loading. And hence website opens fast on browser and does not let your user go without visiting the web page.
  • Optimized Images increase user engagement and search engine rankings.

How to Optimize Image for SEO?

Follow these steps to optimize your website’s images

1.Image Resize:

Images size and file size. Remember both are different things. Image size refers to the dimensions of an image (e.g., 1024 by 680 pixels). File size is the amount of space needed to store it on the server (e.g., 350 kilobytes).

Generally. A high resolution image or taken from professional camera slow your page load times considerably because they have large dimensions. These kind of images are required for print reproduction, however, for web, you need to scale down the file size without losing too much quality.

2.File Format: 

PNG, JPEG, and GIF are all popular. Each has its benefits. The image who have a lot of colour, you can choose .JPEG extension and .PNG extension works well for simple images.

3.Compressed Image:

Too much compression can reduce the overall quality of an image. On the other hand, low compression will give you high-quality image but the file size is big.

Ideally, you should experiment with your file types and compression rates to see what works best for each image. Many image-editing tools, including Adobe Photoshop, have a “save for the web” option, which automatically minimizes the file size while optimizing image quality.

4.File Name:

Choosing the right file name is important for your page SEO and for ranking in image search results. Before uploading any image, name the file with relevant, descriptive keywords to get the most SEO power.

5.Use ALT Tag:

User can understand the image by seeing it what a picture is about, however, search spiders cannot see an image, they need text to get a clue. Without alternative text, it’s impossible for search engines to accurately index your image content. A good alt tag provides context and helps visually impaired users too. Even when images aren’t loading because of a glitch, search engines can still read the alternative text to help rank a page.

There are many more things which is done by the best digital marketing company to optimize the image. If you like this article, please let us know to get some more tips of image optimization.

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5 Things to Consider for Ecommerce Website Development in India

Did you know that the growth rate of ecommerce website development in India has witnessed 85% increase till date? Not just this, it is estimated that in the coming 10 years it is speculated to acquire 6.5% of the total retail market in India.

Some other integrating facts for ecommerce website development in India that will made you think ecommerce industry is the Future of India:

  • eCommerce websites in India have given wings to online shopping medium and has helped India in gaining position among top 10 favourite countries for eCommerce; voted by online buyers.
  • Demand of Ecommerce Development companies in India has increased exponentially as seen in the graph of projected increase in Retail e-commerce sales in India from 2016 to 2022. In 2016, the sale of items through eCommerce websites in India matched 16.07 billion U.S. dollars in revenues.
  • The eCommerce market and online shopping sales in India is expected to touch US$ 200 billion by 2026.

Source: Stastia

These stats have given you the clear indication that ecommerce website development in India is on rise. However, you should be careful when choosing your development partner. Here we are discussing 5 things to consider for your ecommerce website development

1.Responsive Design

As told in statistics, a large portion of ecommerce sales are coming from mobiles. This means that it is incredibly important to make sure your eCommerce website is optimized for mobile, and provide the best experience to all your users instead of their device type.

2.Guest Checkouts

Companies with eCommerce sites will often want to require users to create an account in order to make a purchase. Since this allows for follow-up communication to encourages future sales and tracking customers’ demographic information, some ecommerce companies make it mandatory. However, not everyone wants to create an account before purchase. So, it’s still a good idea to provide an option of Guest Checkout for people who just want to make a one-time order.

3.Site Search Functionality

30% of your visitors use site search functionality to find their favourite product, so it’s important to make sure the search functionality is available and easy to use.

4.Security is Essential

All eCommerce sites should support SSL to encrypt information that needs to remain secure. This is especially true for credit card and payment information, but also any customer information like address, phone number, email, etc. 

5.Optimize Site Performance

If your site is slow, you’re likely to lose customers. If your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, almost 40% of users will abandon. In order to keep from losing customers due to slow load times, you’ll want to make sure your site is optimized to run as quickly as possible. 

So what are you thinking? Contact us at Lunatic Devs to experience the best ecommerce website development in India.

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What Should You Do When Your Marketing Efforts Are Just Not Working?

Did you know nine out of every 10 start-ups get failed (A source by Forbes Article)? And the most common reason for this failure is their inability to establish trust and attract customers to their new brand. And it happens even after hiring the best SEO Company in India. We all know that doing competition with a well-known brand is significantly tough for start-ups whom nobody has heard of. Even though your product or service offering may be revolutionary or one of a kind, you may not able to break into the MARKET.

Still not getting the desired output?

If you are in a similar situation, you must be feeling like blowing a broken horn. So, here is my question for you – do you feel you are doing something wrong in your business or marketing plan and not able to figure out what it is? Then you must reconsider your marketing plan. Go to the best SEO company in India and see what they say and how they put focus on your target audience. Because, it is equally important that you reach your brand to its target audience. Remember, each product/service is unique and need a customize solution according to its audience. So, you need to figure out your target audience first and then consider the Right marketing channel for its promotion.

Have you figured out the ‘Right’ marketing channel for you?

You must have heard the story of “Nirma Washing Powder”, which had established themselves a dictating term in 1970s. At that time, nobody knew Nirma. But Karshanbhai Patel (CEO and founder of Nirma Washing Powder) took it as a challenge and organised their marketing plan around it. From getting the stocks out from the market to promoting it on TV, radio and newspaper instead of door to door selling had created a huge brand buzz. People were demanding Nirma and it beat ‘Surf’ in 1980s, which had a strong presence.

Similarly, you need to find out the innovation according to the trend. We are in 21st century and all traditional channels like newspaper, TV, Radio, magazines are almost dead now. In new age of marketing, people are addicted to Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads and Twitter.

So, are you making your focus on these popular social trends?

Have you well-planned your overall strategy?

If your answer is yes and still not getting the desired output, you need to check your marketing strategy. You can contact us to get customized marketing plan to lift your business among your target audience. Are you ready for to reveal the formula for your business?

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Top 10 Mozilla’s Designing Tools Suggested by The Best Graphics Designing Company

During the past five years, Google Chrome has been emerged itself as the most used browser for desktop users as well as mobile users. On the other hand, Firefox is preferred normally to the tech-savvy and security conscious alike developers and designers than the average users. Fortunately keeping adherence to web standards, a web browser that is used by most of the developers is compatible with other browsers of most ordinary users. In other words, something that is developed in Firefox will work flawlessly 99% of the time in Chrome and other popular browsers.

Furthermore, the default window browser i.e. Internet Explorer just seems as a fringe browser only to download other browsers for installations. Moving ahead, Firefox can be a great choice for developer and designers. Not just for security and privacy, but also Mozilla Firefox has an abundance of free tools that are much easier to use even from non-free alternatives.

Let’s Discuss Mozilla Tools Used by the Best Graphics Designing Company

Look to these useful, light-weight Firefox tools that may be a great help for the companies providing web designing services, web development, and even at an individual level.


Primarily, this tool is meant for learning HTML. Being a full-fleshed feature of HTML and CSS editor, Thimble is most used to provide a quick solution. You can directly copy the HTML file from here to upload it to your server. As compared to CPanel’s code editor, it is far better because of empowering some useful features such as doesn’t do annoying ghosting and also not including of apostrophe (‘) in the text as a string delimiter.See the below figure to view the Thimble Interface.

The Thimble interface is divided into two panes as shown in the picture. One is code pane located on the left pane; another is preview pane on the right side. There are three preview modes that are Desktop, Mobile, and Full Screen. Another great feature offered by Thimble is to including the external files easily; even you can create entire trees of folders to store them.

Being an online tool, a major downside of the tool is that you need an active internet connection to run it. Moreover, you should not opt it for publishing your commercial projects as it is not meant for a hosting solution for professionals. Instead, you may copy the required HTML code and paste that into CPanel code editor, and save the result to your own hosting server.

2.X-Ray Goggles

It is an amazing tool offered by Firefox browser. This tool enables you to see how web pages work differently and also allowed editing of the underlying code to make it work differently. See the below image to view its interface.

The main use of X-Ray Google is sandbox modeling to test alterations to existing designs and the same should be done without making any permanent changes. You can simply install to drag the X-Ray Goggles button onto the bookmarks toolbar. It can be activated just by clicking a button and turned off by pressing ESC.


It is a very good tool for beginners as it enforces a mobile-first designing approach and we know it is essential for modern websites. However, experts may feel crabbed with the limitation of following the mobile-first approach. Obviously, the tool is aiming just to attract teenagers to the Mozilla brand. See the image

Another issue that can arise is that filling up space and resources just like other apps on the mobile devices. Consequently, the tool is not much liked by the expert developers and designers.


This tool is termed as the grand-daddy of Mozilla’s web development tools. Originally, it was called as a composer. The name itself changes it from the Kompozer, which is actually a decedent of the composer. Because they don’t allow the use of HTML5, they are not in use now-a-days. Apparently, you may want to use such tool that supports HTML5 like KompoZer’s half-brother andBlueGriffon. However, you only get a CSS editor while paying for a plug-in. Editor/Composer is included in the Mozilla SeaMonkey browser.

5.Responsive Design Mode

This feature allows the user to test their page layouts at different resolutions from a single desktop screen. Although, it is not perfect in any browser, yet it’s very close or appropriate for most practical scenarios to check the consistency of the site. A responsive mode is activated in Firefox just by pressing Ctrl + Shift + M. To return back to the normal browser repeat the same combination to return to the normal browsing.

6.Web Developer Tools Extension

This tool is not enabled directly from Mozilla. It’s a Firefox extensions created by Chris Pederick. By enabling this tool, you can meet a range of needs. See the Image of the interface

Web Developer Tools can be used for –

  • Toggle things on and off
  • Control cookies
  • Tamper with fields in a page
  • Unmask password fields
  • Retrieve in-depth information about images
  • Explore every DOM element in a page in minute detail
  • Outline elements
  • Resize the display
  • View responsive layouts in a better way than the built-in method

and lots of other things…

7.Firefox Developer Tools

This tool enables the users to use the much of the functionality that was contained in Firebug including a feature of web console. However, the interface provide is not much intuitive. You can learn it by making lots of mistakes. In short, you need to give the time for getting the master and comprehend with every feature of it. See the image of the interface.

Mostly one feature that is missed by most of the users is the JavaScript CLI at the bottom of the console as it is not marked anywhere. Moreover, this feature works better in Firefox than any other browser.

8.MeasureIT Extensions

This tool allows you to use the features measuring of both height and width simultaneously. It can perform better as compared to the screen ruler. This features offers you to measure everything in a browser window itself. Though, some users reported that it is not working in some versions of Firefox. It may be due to conflicts with other extensions. Anyhow, you may use the feature by disabling other extensions once.

9.Colorzila Extensions and Eyedroper

Both or either of these tools is a must for designers as these tools offer to find a colour of any pixel in the browser in very short time. Despite the fact that you can also use Gcolor, which is a Gnome tool and behave exactly same including the advantage of being able to sample a colour from any window, not just the browser. Colorzila and eyedropper are better because of showing a zoomed view of the pixel, from where you are fetching the colour.


This tool allows you the facility of writing and testing the chunks of JavaScript. Unlike the console, you can execute any number of lines of code at a time as you want. You can activate in any Firefox tab just by pressing Shift and F4 together.

Being a web developer or web designer, they are responsible for executing their job timely whether know these tools or not. Anyhow, these tools help anyone to make the task easier if used precisely. Prior knowledge of these tools just helps them to do the job more perfectly. Furthermore, these tools are free and knowing these tools may also help you to resort them for future use in case not required in present.

Enjoy these free Mozilla tools from today…….

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How to Build a Powerful and Automated Content Calendar – Part 2?

In the part 1 of this article, we have read some quick tips to create an automated content calendar. Part-2 will be all about creating a fully functional content calendar. Similar kind of according to use and requirements are created or recommended by the best SEO Company in India. 

Let’s dig deeper how to create it:

1.It is the duty of Project Manager to list down the type of content that they like to produce by their content team. Or, I would say follow a campaign-based approach for all of your planned activities. Create different worksheet for each of your campaign in a spreadsheet. Below are some examples of the content pieces or campaigns that you may want to write-on in your calendar:

  • Blogs [Stories around proprietary/exceptionally exciting features, data driven stories, listicle, and leader boards etc.]
  • Case Studies
  • EBooks
  • Event driven stories [Stories around events in your industry, stories around events like commemorative days, sporting events, festivals etc.]

Getting start with creating a separate worksheet for each campaign, be it blogs, case studies, eBooks and so on.

2.Under each of these campaign worksheets, create the following columns:

  • Content type, campaign name, content title, publish date, trigger date [this is a date you’d want your content marketer to start working on a particular content piece] days to prepare [this is the time a content marketer and the design team would take to generate content, create design and review the final content piece], approver, owner, calendar event created and published date

Please note that column name is used an indication purpose. You can add or reduce column name based on your requirements. Consider this screenshot to get a better understanding.

Now look at the columns Calendar event created and Unique id, I’ll discuss that in coming sections of this article. Also, will discuss how the trigger date is calculated with the help of simple formula. Moving on, create separate spreadsheet with similar format for each campaign and fill out the details in each column.

3.Automating reminders to each content owner and mapping these stories to your company calendar:

If you think each content marketer remember the date & time when they need to publish the content, it seems quite unrealistic. As campaign grows, it becomes difficult to manage all. Hence automating reminders and mapping these stories on your Google calendar is extremely necessary, for all stakeholders to be able to view it on a calendar, rather than having to open a google spreadsheet each time [we all know how hard it gets to remember the name of each spreadsheet, so reduce the pain and map it to a company calendar]. So, you can do this small activity that will take your hardly 10 minutes

  • Install an add-on: ‘Add-reminders’ in your Google Spreadsheets to setup the reminder in the following manner
  • Map the deadline column to the Execution date, trigger date or published date what you want
  • Send reminders hours before/after the trigger date.
  • Choose the Owner ID under the notify people options and customize your email body under ‘customize the emails sent’ option.

This will work to send remainders to each content owners before the content is to go live. For each campaign sheet you need to set different remainders. However, it may be an extra task but it will be helpful.

Note: You can write a script with the help of your Developer to automate it or take the help of best SEO Company in India who provides integrated solution.

There are a bunch of other views that can be created to organize your content calendar, again as used/ suggested by the best SEO Company in India. Write to me on   for any questions, Creative Content Writer at Lunatic Devs – I love to discuss my experience of this organized calendar.  Setup time with me here for a quick 30 minutes’ chat.

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Let’s Know Joomla Installation and Login Steps for Ecommerce Website Development in India

Are you looking an easy to use content management system for your ecommerce website development? Joomla is an open and free content management system tool which is primarily for ecommerce website development in India. You can easily track the website content such as text, photos, music, video, documents, or anything just like library management system keep track of books.

You don’t require much technical knowledge to manage your ecommerce website through Joomla development. Apart from ecommerce website development in India, Joomla development is also used in the follow applications:

– Corporate portals and website

– Industry intranets and extranets

– Online newspaper, magazine and publications

– Online reservation systems

– Ecommerce business

– Small industry website

– Govt. applications

– School and church websites

– Personal or family page

Steps to install Joomla on server for ecommerce website development in India:

1.Download the latest version Joomla 3 complete installation package: Firstly, download the Complete Joomla package from official website and extract it to new folder on your hard disk.

2.Upload Joomla file on server: After extracting the package, upload the Joomla file on server via FTP. To access Joomla through main domain upload the file in public_html folder else upload it in desired subdirectory i.e. ( public_html/joomla/).

3.Create MySql Database for Joomla: After uploading the file on server, we need to create mysql database with full permission.

4.Go through the installation: Now open the browser and navigate to main domain or sub domain where the installation is performed. Add the necessary information along with administrative username.

Steps to login in Joomla:

To login with Joomla administrative panel, we need to open web browser and navigate to It will open login page where we need to enter the credential which we have chosen during Joomla 3 installation.

Steps to reset password:

Joomla admin tool is used to perform different management tasks which are located in c panel. To reset the password, first we need to login in cPanel and navigate to joomla admin tools under Joomla tools tab.

After this we need to locate the site and click on Reset Password link next to it.

This will open change password page where we need to enter admin username for the website and reset new password for it.

Finally, click on Change Password button and enter the new password.

After getting the above task done, you can create your ecommerce website as per the requirements. However, we should keep in mind that Joomla version is always up to date as it is necessary for the website security. Once your ecommerce website is ready, it’s necessary to keep the backup of Joomla website to protect it from malfunction of extension, hacking of site.

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Creativity is the Soul of Graphics Web Design. Don’t Lose It

A website design is the first thing which influences the visitors and insists them to continue browsing. Responsive web design made this browsing experience more enjoyable. The feature of responsiveness facilitates to surf the internet sites on various screen size regarding their type. Graphics designing has the capacity to convert the plain text into beautiful post, and clutters of unconnected JPGs to professional portfolio. It all depends on the creativeness of Graphics designers. Creativity is the soul of Graphics web design. All you have to do hire some professional and best graphics designing company.

A good graphics web design can offer you:

Today internet is aesthetically beautiful places which are a source of simple, attractive and beautiful sites that are built on solid grid layouts by the best graphics designing company. The wild west of the web has been tamed. Introducing creativity and responsiveness in graphics web design can offer you plenty of benefits:

  • Easy Navigation for user (if done correctly)
  • Relatively fast and easy prototyping
  • Heavy standardization of site-building techniques
  • Fast layout needs to big cost saving

Without Creativity Graphics Designing are just a pool of cluttered or patterned images:

As the technology is growing, average professional website today seems like a pool of similar kind of images without any meaning or creativeness. Although, it may look good at first site but when we research deeply we found that everything on the web is looking same. Maybe the designers has lost the pioneer spirit and sacrificed their creativity. Below are the few factors which cause the lack of creativity in web design today:

  • Layout: Designers use the limited layout and ideas for web design which is one of the prominent and obvious reasons that all sites look similar type. There are few basic layouts which rule the web like – strip out colours, animations, and parallax scrolling effects. Very less number of sites is different from these layouts.
  • Responsive Web Designs: Today it is the necessity to prepare a responsive web design. Basic, fluid-width, collapsing grids make responsive web design a much simpler process than more organic layouts.
  • Frameworks: To speed up both design and development workflows, web design framework is the basic need but the drawback is that almost all designers use the exact same codebase, layouts and even aesthetic style on every project.

Apart from above some other factors which also give the illusion of similar site:

  • Prototyping tools and processes
  • High Quality free photos and graphics
  • Design trends

At this point, Graphics designers already decide that whether they will deliver a creative and unique web design or not. However, you can hire the best Graphics web designing company like Lunatic Dev to see creativity in your web designing work.

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How to Build a Powerful and Automated Content Calendar – Part 1?

As a marketer you would relate that a solid, stabilized content marketing plans as a part of digital marketing services is vital for a brand’s online digital marketing success. It is also equally important to follow it consistently the way it planned to see the desired outcome.

But more than 80% marketers and content strategist feel stressed to handle planning, creation and execution of the content in an orderly manner. And the situation gets more difficult when new tasks get added up and they overlap the earlier ones, increasing the chances of you missing regular posting schedule. Ultimately your digital marketing services will result drop in your brand’s metrics, and a loss of effort from previous work.

Since there are too many channels to plan and publish your content over digital media and content marketing is all about consistency, there need to be some checks in place so that your content manager doesn’t miss out on anything.

Let’s understand this with a simple situation:

Any idea about what your content team is going to post, share, and blogging in the coming week? How about next month, next year? Over the years, one challenge is being organized and disciplined in my professional life. For me being disciplined means organizing the content that is produced daily, weekly, monthly and getting transparent with necessary stakeholders. To give you an example, if a company works with a central design team, it is the responsibility of the content team to update the design team ahead of time.

Understanding the importance of this scenario, I planned to do work on building a powerful content calendar and making it easily available so that you will never miss an update. In this post, you will find some quick tips to create a functioning content calendar example that will help you to plan out your things. It will also help you understand what I am talking about.

To know all fully functional steps, you have to wait for Part-2 of this article and believe me you will enjoy those steps

Quick tips

How to setup a new calendar and grab a calendar ID

  • In Google Calendar, go to My calendars -> Create new calendar.
  • Name the calendar whatever you want (we named ours “Content Stories”).
  • Share the calendar with everyone in your organization. Managers should be able to Make changes AND manage sharing whereas employees should just be able to See all event details.
  • Click Create Calendar. Your calendar should now appear under My Calendars.
  • Click the drop-down next to the calendar and select Calendar settings.
  • Under the Calendar address section find the Calendar ID.
  • Now set up the calendar the way you want based on your organization’s requirements.

Note: You can write a script with the help of your Developer to automate it.

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Stay tuned to the Part-2. Happy learning!