How to Build a Powerful and Automated Content Calendar – Part 2?

In the part 1 of this article, we have read some quick tips to create an automated content calendar. Part-2 will be all about creating a fully functional content calendar. Similar kind of according to use and requirements are created or recommended by the best SEO Company in India. 

Let’s dig deeper how to create it:

1.It is the duty of Project Manager to list down the type of content that they like to produce by their content team. Or, I would say follow a campaign-based approach for all of your planned activities. Create different worksheet for each of your campaign in a spreadsheet. Below are some examples of the content pieces or campaigns that you may want to write-on in your calendar:

  • Blogs [Stories around proprietary/exceptionally exciting features, data driven stories, listicle, and leader boards etc.]
  • Case Studies
  • EBooks
  • Event driven stories [Stories around events in your industry, stories around events like commemorative days, sporting events, festivals etc.]

Getting start with creating a separate worksheet for each campaign, be it blogs, case studies, eBooks and so on.

2.Under each of these campaign worksheets, create the following columns:

  • Content type, campaign name, content title, publish date, trigger date [this is a date you’d want your content marketer to start working on a particular content piece] days to prepare [this is the time a content marketer and the design team would take to generate content, create design and review the final content piece], approver, owner, calendar event created and published date

Please note that column name is used an indication purpose. You can add or reduce column name based on your requirements. Consider this screenshot to get a better understanding.

Now look at the columns Calendar event created and Unique id, I’ll discuss that in coming sections of this article. Also, will discuss how the trigger date is calculated with the help of simple formula. Moving on, create separate spreadsheet with similar format for each campaign and fill out the details in each column.

3.Automating reminders to each content owner and mapping these stories to your company calendar:

If you think each content marketer remember the date & time when they need to publish the content, it seems quite unrealistic. As campaign grows, it becomes difficult to manage all. Hence automating reminders and mapping these stories on your Google calendar is extremely necessary, for all stakeholders to be able to view it on a calendar, rather than having to open a google spreadsheet each time [we all know how hard it gets to remember the name of each spreadsheet, so reduce the pain and map it to a company calendar]. So, you can do this small activity that will take your hardly 10 minutes

  • Install an add-on: ‘Add-reminders’ in your Google Spreadsheets to setup the reminder in the following manner
  • Map the deadline column to the Execution date, trigger date or published date what you want
  • Send reminders hours before/after the trigger date.
  • Choose the Owner ID under the notify people options and customize your email body under ‘customize the emails sent’ option.

This will work to send remainders to each content owners before the content is to go live. For each campaign sheet you need to set different remainders. However, it may be an extra task but it will be helpful.

Note: You can write a script with the help of your Developer to automate it or take the help of best SEO Company in India who provides integrated solution.

There are a bunch of other views that can be created to organize your content calendar, again as used/ suggested by the best SEO Company in India. Write to me on   for any questions, Creative Content Writer at Lunatic Devs – I love to discuss my experience of this organized calendar.  Setup time with me here for a quick 30 minutes’ chat.

Furthermore, if you are looking the best SEO Company in India, please contact us at Lunatic Devs. We always believe on quality and strict to deadlines.

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Happy learning!

Let’s Know Joomla Installation and Login Steps for Ecommerce Website Development in India

Are you looking an easy to use content management system for your ecommerce website development? Joomla is an open and free content management system tool which is primarily for ecommerce website development in India. You can easily track the website content such as text, photos, music, video, documents, or anything just like library management system keep track of books.

You don’t require much technical knowledge to manage your ecommerce website through Joomla development. Apart from ecommerce website development in India, Joomla development is also used in the follow applications:

– Corporate portals and website

– Industry intranets and extranets

– Online newspaper, magazine and publications

– Online reservation systems

– Ecommerce business

– Small industry website

– Govt. applications

– School and church websites

– Personal or family page

Steps to install Joomla on server for ecommerce website development in India:

1.Download the latest version Joomla 3 complete installation package: Firstly, download the Complete Joomla package from official website and extract it to new folder on your hard disk.

2.Upload Joomla file on server: After extracting the package, upload the Joomla file on server via FTP. To access Joomla through main domain upload the file in public_html folder else upload it in desired subdirectory i.e. ( public_html/joomla/).

3.Create MySql Database for Joomla: After uploading the file on server, we need to create mysql database with full permission.

4.Go through the installation: Now open the browser and navigate to main domain or sub domain where the installation is performed. Add the necessary information along with administrative username.

Steps to login in Joomla:

To login with Joomla administrative panel, we need to open web browser and navigate to It will open login page where we need to enter the credential which we have chosen during Joomla 3 installation.

Steps to reset password:

Joomla admin tool is used to perform different management tasks which are located in c panel. To reset the password, first we need to login in cPanel and navigate to joomla admin tools under Joomla tools tab.

After this we need to locate the site and click on Reset Password link next to it.

This will open change password page where we need to enter admin username for the website and reset new password for it.

Finally, click on Change Password button and enter the new password.

After getting the above task done, you can create your ecommerce website as per the requirements. However, we should keep in mind that Joomla version is always up to date as it is necessary for the website security. Once your ecommerce website is ready, it’s necessary to keep the backup of Joomla website to protect it from malfunction of extension, hacking of site.

For your advanced functionality ecommerce website requirements, please contact us at Lunatic Devs. We offer you the best ecommerce website development in India at affordable price.

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Creativity is the Soul of Graphics Web Design. Don’t Lose It

A website design is the first thing which influences the visitors and insists them to continue browsing. Responsive web design made this browsing experience more enjoyable. The feature of responsiveness facilitates to surf the internet sites on various screen size regarding their type. Graphics designing has the capacity to convert the plain text into beautiful post, and clutters of unconnected JPGs to professional portfolio. It all depends on the creativeness of Graphics designers. Creativity is the soul of Graphics web design. All you have to do hire some professional and best graphics designing company.

A good graphics web design can offer you:

Today internet is aesthetically beautiful places which are a source of simple, attractive and beautiful sites that are built on solid grid layouts by the best graphics designing company. The wild west of the web has been tamed. Introducing creativity and responsiveness in graphics web design can offer you plenty of benefits:

  • Easy Navigation for user (if done correctly)
  • Relatively fast and easy prototyping
  • Heavy standardization of site-building techniques
  • Fast layout needs to big cost saving

Without Creativity Graphics Designing are just a pool of cluttered or patterned images:

As the technology is growing, average professional website today seems like a pool of similar kind of images without any meaning or creativeness. Although, it may look good at first site but when we research deeply we found that everything on the web is looking same. Maybe the designers has lost the pioneer spirit and sacrificed their creativity. Below are the few factors which cause the lack of creativity in web design today:

  • Layout: Designers use the limited layout and ideas for web design which is one of the prominent and obvious reasons that all sites look similar type. There are few basic layouts which rule the web like – strip out colours, animations, and parallax scrolling effects. Very less number of sites is different from these layouts.
  • Responsive Web Designs: Today it is the necessity to prepare a responsive web design. Basic, fluid-width, collapsing grids make responsive web design a much simpler process than more organic layouts.
  • Frameworks: To speed up both design and development workflows, web design framework is the basic need but the drawback is that almost all designers use the exact same codebase, layouts and even aesthetic style on every project.

Apart from above some other factors which also give the illusion of similar site:

  • Prototyping tools and processes
  • High Quality free photos and graphics
  • Design trends

At this point, Graphics designers already decide that whether they will deliver a creative and unique web design or not. However, you can hire the best Graphics web designing company like Lunatic Dev to see creativity in your web designing work.

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How to Build a Powerful and Automated Content Calendar – Part 1?

As a marketer you would relate that a solid, stabilized content marketing plans as a part of digital marketing services is vital for a brand’s online digital marketing success. It is also equally important to follow it consistently the way it planned to see the desired outcome.

But more than 80% marketers and content strategist feel stressed to handle planning, creation and execution of the content in an orderly manner. And the situation gets more difficult when new tasks get added up and they overlap the earlier ones, increasing the chances of you missing regular posting schedule. Ultimately your digital marketing services will result drop in your brand’s metrics, and a loss of effort from previous work.

Since there are too many channels to plan and publish your content over digital media and content marketing is all about consistency, there need to be some checks in place so that your content manager doesn’t miss out on anything.

Let’s understand this with a simple situation:

Any idea about what your content team is going to post, share, and blogging in the coming week? How about next month, next year? Over the years, one challenge is being organized and disciplined in my professional life. For me being disciplined means organizing the content that is produced daily, weekly, monthly and getting transparent with necessary stakeholders. To give you an example, if a company works with a central design team, it is the responsibility of the content team to update the design team ahead of time.

Understanding the importance of this scenario, I planned to do work on building a powerful content calendar and making it easily available so that you will never miss an update. In this post, you will find some quick tips to create a functioning content calendar example that will help you to plan out your things. It will also help you understand what I am talking about.

To know all fully functional steps, you have to wait for Part-2 of this article and believe me you will enjoy those steps

Quick tips

How to setup a new calendar and grab a calendar ID

  • In Google Calendar, go to My calendars -> Create new calendar.
  • Name the calendar whatever you want (we named ours “Content Stories”).
  • Share the calendar with everyone in your organization. Managers should be able to Make changes AND manage sharing whereas employees should just be able to See all event details.
  • Click Create Calendar. Your calendar should now appear under My Calendars.
  • Click the drop-down next to the calendar and select Calendar settings.
  • Under the Calendar address section find the Calendar ID.
  • Now set up the calendar the way you want based on your organization’s requirements.

Note: You can write a script with the help of your Developer to automate it.

If you want to know any other information regarding the topic, write to me on  for any questions, Creative Content Writer at Lunatic Devs – I love to discuss my experience of this organized calendar.  Setup time with me here for a quick 30 minutes’ chat.

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Stay tuned to the Part-2. Happy learning!

5 Essential Steps Followed by The Best Digital Marketing Services Company for A Successful Campaign!

Are you on the right track of online Marketing?

This question came to the mind of any business owner who wants to do online marketing for their business. From a business owner standpoint, they are always curious to know whether the solution or proposal offered to them will be fruitful for their business or not. And this is focused by the best digital marketing services company a business can grow its return on investment along with a great brand positioning on the web.

Here in this blog we are explaining the most essential 5 steps followed by the best digital marketing services company to take you ahead from your competitors. Checkout…

Keyword Strategy:-

Keywords are the words that user type into the search engine to find what they are looking for. Your proposal should be incorporated with high search volume but low competition keywords to drive relevant traffic in minimum time to your website. So do check your relevant industry keywords through online tools such as Google keyword planner from Adwords or Wordstream keyword tool. Make sure your keyword strategy is rightly defined.

Website Optimization:-

Once the keywords are getting finalized by you to the digital marketing agency, it’s time to analyse your website optimization plan. Optimizing your website means to create a website that is more easily found by search engines. To do this, digital marketer or online marketer will need to add selected keywords throughout the content of your website page including URL, video, title etc. Generally, your keywords should be detected or shown by search engines when it crawls in response to any search query. The search engine will then direct traffic to your website, it increases sale and that is the goal of online marketing.

Blog and Content Marketing:-

Blog are a form of content marketing. The content on your site that can be keyword optimized will be your blogs. Content has the specific goal of driving sales. As per online marketing, all the content on your site should drive sales. Blogs has a few additional benefits such as creating fresh content without any copy write and having the ability to go viral. Blog will increase the reach of your brand and message.

Social Media Content Promotion:-

Nowadays social media is a huge online marketing platform to increase your online sales. Social media helps you to connect and interact with your clients and customers and delivering your branded message to your users. If you are not on social media, you need to be by the end of the day.

Turn Leads into Conversions:-

Once you have received a leads that coming from your website, you want to have a sales funnel structure that constantly pulls customers towards making a purchase. This is vital to the success of online marketing efforts. For this, your website should provide an easy to use customer experience that doesn’t distract them from the final goal.

Now you to know 5 important steps to get success in online marketing and followed by the best digital marketing services company, so, whenever you finalize seo services for you, checkout their offered plan.

To get a unique, customized, result-oriented digital marketing or online marketing proposal, please contact us at Lunatic Devs. We promise you to achieve the visible results in first three months only through our various digital marketing tactics like – Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Online Assessment, and Campaign based marketing.

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Growth Tactics for Best Ecommerce Website Development – Part 1

2020 is around the corner and this is the good time to prepare yourself for upcoming opportunities, new strategies, and how to do the most. Start with gathering data, current behaviour of your company as well as your competitors, current strategies, and how it affects consumer behaviour. And then go through each of the growth plan, we have shared below in this article.

Search engines and easy access to customers have become more competitive than ever. As promised, we are sharing here some growth tactics for best eCommerce website development that will help you boost your marketing plan in 2020. 

Consider These Points for Restructure or Best Ecommerce Website Development

Here is your go-to list:

a) Prioritize Mobile Traffic:

As discussed in our previous articles, the more traffic is coming from mobile devices than desktops to any business site. Your ecommerce website must be properly indexed and formatted to be competitive in the SERPs. Invest in a fully responsive, mobile-optimized site that can give visitors the full experience they would get on desktop.

b) Mobile-First Indexing

Focus on mobile-first indexing approach. Here are some common errors found on any web page:

I) 4xx error codes, which impact a user’s ability to utilize or access the site correctly.

II) Slow page loading speed, which will drive users away and negatively impact SEO.

III) Missing or empty title tags, preventing Google from identifying the content correctly.

IV) Issues with mixed content, which will negatively affect user experience and reduce confidence in your website.

V) Redirect chains and loops, which prevent users from getting to the correct destination quickly.

c) SERP Feature

SERP features are more important than ever. They increase your visibility, authority, and, as a result, sales. See the below data collected from a SEMrush blog:

SERP features are more important than ever. They increase your visibility, authority, and, as a result, sales. See the below data collected from a SEMrush blog:

d) Expand Your Backlink Profile

If a high authority domains are giving you backlinks, it indicates that you have credible content. It will help you to get higher ranking in the SERPs. To expand or improve your backlink profile, constantly monitor your competitors’ tactics and analyse which backlink types appear most frequently. 

e) Invest in Technical SEO

Your site must be technically sound to find SEO success. If a search engine has difficulty crawling and understanding your site, how can it serve it to people in its results page?

f) Implement AMP on Key Pages

AMP is essential in helping web pages load faster on mobile devices, improving the user experience significantly. Fast website loading time is necessary as it indicates users are staying on your site, engaging with it, and potentially purchasing from it.

AMP won’t be a strong choice for all sites, but the majority of ecommerce sites should consider implementing it.

There are many more things you can do to grow your ecommerce website development. We will discuss same in our Part-2.

Contact us at Lunatic Devs for best ecommerce website development.

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5 SEO Services Offered by the Best Digital Marketing Services Company to Win Your Campaign!

Are You Finding the Best Digital Marketing Services Company to Win Your Campaigns?

If you have a plan to win your business in the race of online marketing, you may have to go ahead from your traditional marketing plans. Definitely, the first option come in the mind of any business owner is to find the best digital marketing services company. However, you should put more efforts on their proposed solution instead of their name. Some start-up have a passion to do and then can make you win in 2020.

So, in this article, we are explaining the top 5 service you should have in your future marketing plan. Checkout…

Online Assessment: –

You might have idea that keywords are the most important part for any business’s success. However, just finding the appropriate keywords for your business are not enough. You should do proper online assessment with your keywords. For example, check whether your competitors are also working on that keywords, how much traffic they are getting, what SEO practice they are following to rank those keywords, and how are their output? Based on your research, make your keyword plan.

Website Optimization:-

Again, website optimization is the thing you can’t ignore in any of your marketing phase.Do a thorough research from start to end and notice even the smallest thing like Alt tag of images, Meta and description, URL structure, inline CSS, canonicalization and everything which can hamper your SEO ranking. If you are launching an offer or running a new campaign, do it through landing pages and keep optimize that regularly.

Content Marketing:-

Content marketing is itself a very big tem. Don’t just restrict it with blogs and articles. Remember, it is not content writing. It’s all about marketing the content that can be in any form- blogs, image, GIF, video, landing page or anything. Just you need to take care of the interest of your audience. For a unique content marketing plan, contact with the best digital marketing services company that will help you understand your customers and market the things accordingly.

Social Media:-

Social media along is a huge platform which can offer you a good visibility, sales, leads, and conversion everything. You can optimize it organically and paid as well. Popular social media channels are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and many more. Based on your business type and audience interest, you can concentrate on one or more channels. Again, it purely depends on your prospect customers and business goals that you should put more focus on organic activities or paid activities.

Email Marketing:-

Email Marketing is still a very powerful weapon to kickstart your Marketing activities. If you do it right, you can double your leads in just 3 months.

These 5 things are the wholesome of your future SEO activities. Contact the best SEO services company, explain your business goal clearly. Let them come out with their unique plan and your target customer understanding and then only you should hire them

For a unique, customized, result-oriented SEO strategy to win your 2020 goals, please contact us at Lunatic Devs. We promise you to achieve the visible results in first three months only through our various digital marketing tactics like – Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Online Assessment, and Campaign based marketing.

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Top 5 Advantages of Ecommerce Website Development

In today’s digital world, people want everything available at their doorstep without going to the local stores most of the time. This trend has introduced a major revolutionary change in their online shopping industry. Nowadays all businesses that deal in product have their online store. It is not wrong to say that ecommerce has become one of the largest industries in India in terms of customer and revenue. So if you have an ecommerce business and operate offline, we highly recommend you to go online for your business growth. Ecommerce website development in India can bring much more benefits.

Benefits of Ecommerce Website Development in India

Let’s discuss what all you can achieve while getting done ecommerce website development for your business.

1.Global Exposure: Every business owner has a dream to grow their business worldwide or simply they don’t want to stuck for single location/ or particular area. Don’t you? Thus, by registering your business online you can give it a global exposure to the wide scale of audiences.

Ecommerce website development not just increase your customer base but also opens the doors of opportunities by establishing a direct channel to your current customers and target customers.

2.Low Operational Cost: Getting a business premises is more expensive than getting an ecommerce website for your business. Furthermore, that business premises is limited to that particular area or available for its nearby customers. However, if you choose ecommerce web platform to sell your products, you can increase your customer’s base on much bigger level.

3.Customer Satisfaction: From an end user perspective it can be very convenient to purchase goods and services over the Internet. The process is usually very quick and orders can be placed in a relatively short period of time – without ever having to leave the home or office. So if your customers can find you online and their requirements can be reached to their doorstep at their comfort, definitely it will increase their trust in you.

Moreover, they will also benefit from the ability to purchase goods and services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and provide constant turnover for the business.

4.Direct Communication with Target Audience: With getting ecommerce website for your business, you are providing a direct communication channel to your audience and customers. They can ask or post their queries whenever they want. Furthermore, they know how to communicate in case of any discrepancies or increase trust as you are authorized for your products.

5.Analytics Maintenance: With online selling system, organizations can easily analyze all the data that gets stored and find out the effectiveness of sales, learn about customer behaviour, understand marketing campaigns, customer engagements and much more. Hence, it will help you strategize your plan based on upcoming campaigns, future goal and more.

Usually, it’s pretty easy to kick-start an ecommerce business at low-cost and with less risk whether you have physical store or not. With an appropriate business plan, you can generate potential for passive income and better ROI. So are you ready for ecommerce website development for your business growth?

You can contact us at Lunatic Devs, which provides the best ecommerce website development in India at affordable cost. Don’t just believe on our words, checkout our past work and decide yourself.

Also, let’s connect with one of our representative who can guide you better in terms of your business, goals, and expectations. Please call us at +91-9315685458 or write us at Stay tuned to our Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Google Page for regular updates.

3 Essentials for Your Digital Marketing Strategy of 2020

Are you finding the best digital marketing services company to plan your strategy for 2020? If you have more online customers then you may need to take this things seriously as age-old SEO methods can’t give you your desired results. A right strategy is the base of your digital marketing plan which helps you grow your sales, get new customers as well as a long-term growth. Display ads, online banners are the things of past, you need to think differently to gain your audience trust. To prove this statement, consider this stats:

So to stay ahead of the digital marketing curve, keep up-to-date on trends, and break through the clutter, we are bringing the top five tips to optimize your digital marketing strategy for 2020.

Here are the three essentials suggested by the top leading digital marketing services company.

1. Prioritize Customer’s Needs: When your SEO team is busy with building your web presence and branding your products or services, it’s easy to lose sight of your target customers in the race of driving more traffic. However, a small efficiency can bring improvements in conversion rates, email capture, and retargeting. The answer of these two questions “Who are My Target Customers” and “What do they need?” and appropriate actions can help you win your battle.

2. Audit and Update Your SEO Regularly: You know you are offering a great product or service but do you know its reach to the target customers. SEO strategy offered by digital marketing services company plays an important role here. Industry experts recommend updating your SEO once a quarter; after all, Google updates its algorithm more than 500 times a year.

3. Consider Blog as a Lead Generation Tool: Do you know that marketers who do blogging, receives 13 times more positive return on investment, and companies that blog generate 67 percent more leads than those who don’t. Blog indicates that your website is active. And when it is indexed by Google, more customers can find you online. Definitely, blogging should be a part of your SEO strategy (suggested by digital marketing services company).

Apart from these you should highly focus on:

A) Webinar and Live Events

B) Email Distribution List

C) Social Media

D) Mobile Marketing (Mobile Keywords Optimization)

So you know how digital marketing strategy will work in 2020, ask your digital marketing services company to incorporate these points in your marketing plan of 2020.

For a unique customized digital marketing plan, you can call us at Lunatic Devs, one of the best digital marketing services company. We believe in quality work and always work on deadline

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Responsive Web Design is Important for a Good SEO!

Responsive Web Design is Important for a Good SEO! You have heard it right. The best SEO Company in India always consider this point on their priority list at the time of initial web optimization. Before a Good SEO, check if your web design is responsive or not.

In this article, we will explain the top 5 facts about responsive web design so that you can take care of it at the time of development before going to the best SEO Company in India.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is an approach that allows any website to behave according to the screen size, platform, and orientations of the user’s device/environment. It ensures that web pages look good and responsive on all devices like desktops, tablets, and phones. Unlike Static page layout, the responsive web design gives the ease of resizing, hiding, shrinking, enlarging or moving the content so that it appears with a good impression on any screen. These features are enabled on web pages using CSS and HTML.

How to Ensure Your Web Design is Responsive?

It is very simple to check whether the web design is responsive or static. Let’s do a small test – Open a web page (i.e. required to check) on your computer. Pull it in the corner of the IE browser window. If the design changes adapt to the small screen of the device, it is responsive. Apparently, the design is static if it does not change and get the scroll bars on the side and bottom of the small screen.

As we discussed already, responsive web design is the need of every business for consequent growth and success. Furthermore, we are sharing the top five facts to elaborate the need of responsive web design.

  1. Almost 50% of Web Search Happens through Mobile Devices

People are addicted to their smartphone’s or tablets now-a-days, as they are occupied with all smart features and easy to carry. Moreover, Wi-Fi is more rapidly available and cellular data plans are less expensive. Also, Google announced that more web search occurred in mobile compared to any other mediums in May 2015.

  • Responsive Sites  Affect Search Engine Ranking

On 21 April 2015, Google announced the responsive site will get favour in search engine ranking. Keep an eye on below results by one survey report for important 1000 e-commerce keywords,

  • Almost 83% for top#1 search results are mobile friendly.
  •  81% for top 3 search results are mobile friendly.
  • 77% results on a search page are mobile friendly.

(Facts collected through Search Engine Land)

  • Some Industries needs Mobile Friendly Sites as a Must

The larger industries such as e-commerce are highly adopting mobile–friendly websites because of the higher level of competitions. To check how much mobile friendly site is needed, you should know below facts:

  • Traffic Breakdown: Through Google Analytics Tool, view the traffic on mobile versus traditional browser. You know how much responsive site is needed to stay in the competition.
  • Check Your Competitors: Check your competitor’s site. If it is responsive than upgrade your site as soon as possible.
  • To Ensure Quality User Experience

The responsive website provides better user experiences who are viewing your site. We all know that website is an important marketing tool, so keep it optimized so that user don’t need to scroll right or left for viewing completely.

  • It is No Longer an After-Thought

Mobile friendliness of a website is not an afterthought for web developers, designers, and even users. Everyone expects the same mobile site functioning on smartphones and tablets as traditional browsers. Even most of the people surf only mobile sites. So, it would be good to have the responsive design for your upcoming or existing website.

In summarizing, the responsive web design is need of the hour if you want to stay in competition. To develop a brand new website or to customize the running website for your business, make sure you get the mobile-first web design approach, then only you can go to the best SEO Company in India for website optimization.

If you are looking the best website Development Company and best seo company in India, you can reach us at Lunatic Devs. We provide you 100% unique and responsive web design.

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