How to Integrate SEO Services with Content Marketing to Get the Leads?

A highly organized content can bring you sustainable, qualified, and long lasting organic traffic if optimized correctly. Here you need to understand that both content and SEO will go hand in hand. In other words, you need to focus on both aspects if you want to see some good leads that can be converted into sales easily. Let’s know how the best lead generation company in India integrates the content marketing with SEO services.

Content Marketing is Important but SEO is Necessity

Sometimes we think that even after creating a fantastic in-depth piece of content that is visually appealing and loved by the customers, prospects, and clients too then why it is not receiving some of Google’s love as well and grow your qualified organic traffic?

The truth is that Google algorithm favours are similar to what your target audience loves.

They all want relevance, structure, and authority.

What is Search Query?

In today’s search results an excellent piece of content has the best chances of ranking well.

Let’s know how to integrate these two terms to receive the most organic traffic and conversion from your content marketing.

Sharing, Sharing, and More Sharing

It is all-time true that you should distribute your content over different online places to receive more online exposure and links. Links are still one of the main ranking factors for Google.

Equally important is covering a topic thoroughly to increase relevance. However, every content that is being created or published is not needed to be optimized for search.

There are other reasons to write content (for example for social shares or to increase trust and conversion) but if you want to make the most of your content marketing and improve ROI – SEO should be on your radar.

SEO Factors That Impact Your Content

Create a holistic online strategy to promote your content marketing and SEO. Consider these three things importantly:

  • Be sure what you want to say: you should be specific and clear what is your vision, value proposition, topics, and issues – the things that you stand for as a business and that you are passionate about.
  • Check people are interested in: Using keyword research as an opportunity to study your target audience, the market demand, and the interest online.
  • What Google Favours: review the top searches that comes on first page to know what Google understands for the search query and replicate something competitive and valuable.

Structure Your Content

Make sure you structures your content from SEO prospective. Clarity and structure win the Google game.

Each one of your content ideas, pages, or blog posts should cover one topic, one intellectual entity. Or you can follow the wiki approach that covers a topic in depth rather than a collection of long tail keywords.

A page should cover the topic so well that it satisfies the user’s search intent.

Image Reference: Search Engine Journal

Each page will be optimized for one keyword cluster consisting of main and supporting keywords.

The process of keyword research helps us to determine topics that are relevant to our target audience. SEO tools such as Ahrefs or SEMrush allow us to review the following:

  • Synonyms, variations, and related keywords to cover within a page
  • Monthly search traffic to understand marketing interest
  • Click potential by estimating click-through rate to account for ads, featured snippets, etc.
  • Keyword difficulty to prioritize based on chances of success

Avoid Keyword Cannibalization

Here you need to understand that you have to cover the topic in depth but the details or content should not be repeatable. However, you can always expand or upgrade the topic or a piece of content. It will not just reutilize your content and prevents you from duplicity but also will bring you some good results.

Hopefully, you will like this piece of information. If you want to know more of this topic, please write us back. We will further bring more insights and well researched facts.

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How to Recover The SEO Traffic and Current Ranking after Website Redesigning?

Thinking about website redesigning? At the time of redevelopment, all businesses think about to retain or recover their current SEO score along with maintaining their traffic. Don’t you? Therefore, they ignore or delayed to redesign most of the time. However, website design agency Delhi, India says it’s possible to retain (and improve) rankings and traffic.

It is important to realize that all is not lost and in the majority of cases, there are a few usual suspects to blame for the loss of traffic. In this article, we will know how to diagnose and recover traffic and rankings when a website goes under reimplementation phase.

Recovering The Traffic and Ranking Back:

Let’s scroll the steps one by one.

Step-1: Information gathering

We don’t need a lot here but in an ideal world we would want the following:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Date of launch
  • Website URL
  • Historic or alternative URLs
  • Historic keyword rankings (if available)

Step-2: Confirmation

Now it’s time to dive into Google Analytics and Search Console and review the traffic drop. Here you need to examine that whether the drop has started from the day or week of redesigning. This drop may be slow and steady or often a sudden, stark decrease.

To confirm a big drop in traffic, you need to checkout all channels so that you have the idea from where the traffic has gone. If you see an organic drop and other channels are relatively unaffected, then this further indicates that the redesign is the culprit here.

Step-3: Calculate the Loss

Now before taking an action to improve your site, its better to calculate the overall loss. To do this you need to get a better understanding of keyword rankings and pages that were most affected.

  • Current Page Ranking
  • Current Keywords Ranking
  • Landing Page Traffic

Step-4: Usual Suspects

With an understanding of the losses you can look at the common problems and what you can do to put things right in each scenario.


Redirects. Whether missing or misconfigured is the most common issue everyone has to go through at the time of redesigning. When launching a new site, everyone want to do one of the following for all important pages:

  • keep the URLs the same (ideal)
  • 301 redirect from the old page to the new page

You really have to test this end-to-end. In a browser. In a crawling tool. Test all old URLs. Test redirected pages. Make sure it works and verify all important redirects.

Missing Pages

Another common issue is that content that performed previously is no longer on the site. If the content does not exist, then you can’t rank. Ensure that all high traffic content is present and the correct redirects are in place.

Content Changes

Changes to content can also have an impact. If a page is present but the content has been changed then you will need to perform a qualitative review. Is the new page as good as the old page? What has changed? You can use the feature of web archive.

The list is long. All you need to have patience and wait for sometime till we publish our next part for the complete information. Meanwhile if you are looking for a website design agency Delhi India to redesign your website by keeping your traffic and ranking (at max) please contact us at Lunatic Devs.

How to Grow Your Business Using Blogging?

Are you looking for a power pack formula to grow your website traffic consistently, attract new customers, build a loyal base with your customers along with becoming a brand leader in your space? Discover the power of BLOG. The best lead generation company in India emphasize on its endless benefits on their sites.

You too can enjoy the benefits of blogging if you follow the correct path. Just keep in mind: you can’t be lazy or promotional.

The goal is to continually add value by publishing informative, well-written articles created with strategy and customer engagement in mind.

Benefits of Blogging:

  • Grow Online Traffic
  • Nurture the Leads
  • Enhance Conversion
  • Keep current customers engaged
  • Differentiate you from your competitors
  • Grow demand and interest in your products or services

Blogs provides benefits for longer after publishing.

This is where more outweighs less; the more blogs you create, the more of the above benefits you’ll receive.

Following are five real ways a blog can help your businesses.

  1. Increase Traffic to Your Site: Post frequent and consistent content that drives educational and entertainment value, and you’ll increase your website’s traffic.
    More traffic equals more leads for both B2B and B2C companies, whether you’re an ecommerce business or a job posting site that relies on increased traffic for stronger advertising revenue. Create content that speaks to your target audience’s pain points, and make sure the headlines accurately describe the content that follows.

2. Attract New Customers: Whether you’re shopping for an automobile parts or simply cosmetics, those businesses with consistent and frequent blogging will attract the most attention. And more attention translates into more new customers (again – if the content adds value!). From a customer perspective, finding informative, engaging blog content on the subject can help sway your opinion and ultimately become a factor in your purchase.

3. Expose Your Business to the Readers Seeking Fun: Many business blogs are need-based, meaning the content provides answers to questions and connects readers to the solution.
But want-based blogs also exist, focusing more on stimulating demand for something your readers didn’t know they wanted at first (think natural relief products, food, clothing, and wellness products). These want-based blogs are built for those who want to read at their leisure, some content to entertain them during their spare time. This type of content is a bit more challenging to create.
The key is to make your content interesting and engaging enough that people will want to read them for fun. Over time, you can create a connection with your readers through the tone and content of the blog that will eventually foster brand loyalty.

4. Tell What Your Business or Product can do: For many businesses, such as personal trainers, home contractors, landscapers, web designers, etc., a blog can act as an ongoing portfolio of past work.

5. Build Your Network Within Your Niche: When most businesses think of blogging, they focus on the customers.

Rarely do they think about the networking possibilities that an established blog can create. Many companies track the content their competitors release. Following a blog feed is the simplest way to see what others are doing.

So what is your thought? Are you blogging consistently? If not do it now.

If you are looking the best lead generation company in India, please contact us at Lunatic Devs.

How to Create and Company Business LinkedIn Page for Your Small Size Business?

In today’s digital-driven climate, no business can afford to ignore the power of Social media. Businesses who are dealing in more professional services and mostly in B2B understands the importance of LinkedIn to connect with their audience, increase their business reach and building goodwill. Can your business be found on LinkedIn? Let’s know how a social media marketing agency build your LinkedIn company page and optimize it for maximum results.

Why Social Media is Important?

We all know that Social media platforms allow businesses to communicate with customers during an emergency, highlight products and services, and even get real insight from customers about expectations, wants, and needs.

And LinkedIn is definitely no exception to this.

Why Choose LinkedIn?

Being an employee-oriented platform, LinkedIn provides a professional atmosphere for many business operations including hiring, internal communication, and industry-related groups for information, events, and more.

However, all of these features don’t add any value if your customers can’t find the business in the first place. Even if your profile doesn’t have appropriate information, a user may lose his interest and left without taking any action. Not having a LinkedIn profile somehow loose the interest of your audience as well because it is so popular and all major brands including your competitors are available on it.

The biggest reason for having an optimized LinkedIn company page is the potential it creates for new business leads, partnerships, and opportunities that brands may just not find elsewhere. So let’s learn how to create a company page and how to optimize it?

How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page?

Social media marketing agency follows all rules to build a strong and powerful company page so that further optimization will become easy.

Follow these steps to create a Company page:

  • You can do so by selecting the Work tab to the right of your profile icon in the top right corner of the window.
  • Scroll to the bottom of that dropdown and you’ll find “Create a Company Page.”
  • To do so, you’ll need to select the page type based on your business.
  • Then you’ll begin populating important fields tied to Page Identity, Company Details, and Profile Details.

Make sure the Page Name is the official business name and consistent with all other online profiles.

Quick Tip to Optimize the Company page:

  • Set a business URL for your company page. For the LinkedIn public URL, try to use something related to the official page name if the exact business name is unavailable. Try to use the official business name first, though.
  • Be sure the company details are accurate, especially the industry type. All of these inputs have an effect on the visibility of the Page.
  • For profile details, be sure to choose a logo that is consistent with the brand, namely the official logo that represents the company across the web. It should be clear and meet the specific size recommendations of LinkedIn, which are 300 x 300px and either a JPG, JPEG, or PNG.
  • Use keywords in it where possible, but it should be natural, and a keyword(s) should not just be added for “SEO reasons.”

After all, above tasks, click on “Create page” and you will then be prompted to start building your page out. It will help you get a professional LinkedIn company page which is optimized.

Connect with us if you want to know more about the topic.

How to Get the Quality Backlinks for Your Website?

Do you always think why we always emphasize on backlink and strategies to get the quality backlink to your website? Its because SEO is all about Link building. If you get linked to the most crowded and authentic place, chances to get increased visitor and in turn visibility gets high. In fact, all best SEO Company India do focus on Link Building.

Link Building Strategies:

In this article, we have brought you some more techniques to get the quality backlinks to your website. Let’s dive into this:

  1. Find unlinked brand, product, name, etc. – Just google it to find the unlinked brands, products, names, quotes or whatever related to your business. Doing a search for these things within quotes and looking at the first several pages of results to ensure that all those results are linking back to your site. They likely are not, so those will be your opportunities to send a message or an email asking for the webmaster or the writer to provide a link back to your site with your mention. Clearly, one of the easiest things to do to get the quality backlink.
  2. Unlinked Images: If you’re working with a website that has a lot of proprietary images or really great graphic design, maybe you have infographics or some things that are special to the brand or the domain. Use Google reverse image search and put in the images that you think might have been taken or used on other websites. You will immediately see what those websites are and whether they link back to your site. If not, you can simply ask them to credit the website and link back accordingly. 
  3. Redirect your 404 page with backlink:  Checkout all of your web pages that currently have backlinks but the page is no longer there You just change that to 400s, 404s, then simply do it 301 redirect. It means to redirect the old broken page to a new relevant page, and your kind of saving that authority that is being sent to your site.
  4. Move Backlink Targets: This is quite new tactic and basically all about moving backlink targets. It means where you have backlinks to older resources or older content or products that you want restructured to newer or more important pages on your website. 

Feel free to let us know whether you are convinced with the tricks of getting quality backlinks. If you too have any great ideas, please let us know down in the comments, and I look forward to know all those wonderful tips.

Looking for a best SEO company India, please check out with us at Lunatic Devs to get the most reliable results and very competitive price.

Will Blog Affect the Organic SEO Ranking?

Blog can be a major invest of all your online marketing activities if optimized it precisely. Combined it with SEO benefits worth your efforts. If you want to understand why SEO agency or SEO services India emphasize to make blog part of your SEO benefits. Let’s dig the topic.

Is blog necessary for Online Marketing?

Blog can be a necessary but not compulsory part of your SEO plan. Many a time a client wants to develop a content strategy so they can rank for more keywords but isn’t sure if they can muster the resources to create a blog.

Even business owners think when budgets are tight, it’s often tempting to put more money behind your paid media campaigns; after all, you can actually see which ads and optimizations are generating the most revenue each month. Creating and developing blog content should be regarded as a long-term investment. And as any good financial advisor will tell you, it’s best to start saving early. There is evidence to suggest that investing in a blog today will pay dividends for years to come.

Why Your Company Should Have a Blog?

Ideally, at the most basic level, your website should provide an expert level of knowledge about your subject matter — this will help ensure you meet Google’s quality guidelines. However, if your goal is to truly dominate the SERPs and outrank the competition, you need to start thinking outside the box to expand the breadth and depth of your content.

Simply put, a blog allows you to gain search engine results page (SERP) real estate, which can provide additional touch points for users to discover your brand. In creating new content, you will inevitably be expanding your keyword set — though I highly recommend performing keyword mapping (using Google’s Keyword Planner tool) and pre-planning your strategy to avoid keyword overlap and URL confusion.

Role of SEO in Conversation Funnel

It’s no coincidence that appearing more times in the SERPs can lead to an increase in click-through rate; however, it’s important to fully understand the role that SEO plays in the conversion funnel. When a consumer enters the funnel, they might not even realize they’ve begun their buying journey. Some consumers will begin their journey by researching the product or service they want and comparing offerings across brands. However, others might be looking to solve a problem — and while reading helpful answers, they discover the need to make a purchase.

So your strategy should be to assist and educate consumers in their most vulnerable moments while they’re still brand-agnostic. Organic search campaigns will have a different impact on consumers depending on when they interact with them.

Awareness à Interest à Consideration à Conversion [VG1] 

Afterall to make the blog more popular and highly engage we recommend to expand breadth and depth of content.

Creating a blog will increase the chances of your content appearing for featured snippets and quick answers. The benefits of featured snippets are that even if your page does not rank in position 1, it can still appear above all other search results.


From all above points, it is clear that having a blog will positively affect your search engine ranking. Not only will this help to increase your Domain Authority, it will increase exposure across the web and help drive traffic to your site.

If you are looking a reliable SEO services India company for Blog Marketing, please contact us at Lunatic Devs.

How to Start Your Own Blog with the Best Digital Marketing Services Company – Part 2

In our previous blog you have read how to make money by writing your own blog with the best digital marketing company.

It is true that you can make earn a handsome amount from your blog – all you need to bring consistence and quality in your content. However, it is tough without the support of best digital marketing services company. Both writing and marketing go hand in hand. So don’t forget to associate some good SEO partner to experience the best results.

Furthermore, we will read how to start your own blog.  But first of all read this and make it your “Mool Mantra” if you want to get success.

Start from Today

Before starting any blog be clear that you will start from today not tomorrow. Write today not tomorrow. It’s the power of today that you can make commitment to yourself for completion. Tomorrow can never come.

I know it’s tough but not so much. Just imagine you will get paid for it. If you do late you get late or maybe not because someone else has started it from today. Just do it.

After you are clear and passionate enough to start with then simply follow these steps:

  1. Decide the Niche of blog

Before starting your own blog, you should have an idea or niche on which you want to write. Like health, insurance, finance, travel, jokes, makeup, news and beauty etc. There are so many topics with which you can start.

  • Prepare a piece of writing

Once you are ready with your topic, create a piece of content that you want to publish anywhere.

  • Online platform to Write

Now you need a place where you can publish your blog. You can design or develop your own portal with the help of best website design and Development Company. If you are really very new in this field, start with free blog channels like and start writing. If you have a long goals, you should own a self – hosted WordPress blog.

  • Web Hosting & Domain

Once you are finalized with your own blog platform you need to start with a buying a domain name of your choice and that should be hosted on any server. Nowadays you can buy a domain name in just 99 Rs itself from Godaddy and can host it on shared hosting on affordable price.

  • Post Content:

You have your own blog and have your first piece of content, just go ahead and post it.

  • Do SEO, SMO, Email Marketing, and Much More:

One of the most important things, you have to do to get some quality traffic and build the credibility of your site on search engine. Without marketing, you content in Dead on your blog. Hire some best digital marketing services company to rank your blog. They follow various tactics like SEO, SMO, PPC, Email Marketing, and many other things that are required to gain the traffic.

Remember, only some good and credible traffic will make your chances of making money through it, and we have already read how to make money through it in our previous post.

So read you ready to connect with the best digital marketing services company to start your blog? Contact us at Lunatic Devs for all your requirements.

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Why WordPress is Economical and Most Preferred Choice by the Ecommerce Businesses?

Ecommerce business is spreading its wings in most of the developing countries. From past few yea years, it has seen a decent growth in India. Most of the business owners are understanding the power of digital and that’s why hundreds of businesses are registering to an online world every day. The simplest reason behind its success is of broad opportunities and each to more customers. It has also opened the door to website development and design businesses. As they are required to develop a digital asset i.e. website for the businesses. Do you know most of the best ecommerce website design company in Delhi prefer WordPress for these small kind of businesses? Let’s know why:

WordPress for Ecommerce

We all know that website is the most important thing for any business. So it is important it gives a good impact in look and feel along with fast loading speed irrespective of screen sizes. If any single thing is missing your customers will walk away. WordPress Development provides ease of comfort, stress-free, manageable and economical solution for these businesses.

Its inbuilt tools and plugins, fast customer response, error-free and less technical ambiguity made it popular among the crowd. Some of great features that explains why it is the more preferred choice of best commerce website Development Company in Delhi.  

  1. Website as a Blog

There is a feature in WordPress that helps you add new pages in just few seconds. So whenever you have to add new product, new information, it’s simple just like a blog post even for non-technical background person. You can add content, pages, and posts based on your requirements and without much dependency.

2. Don’t Need an Another Blog Website

Having a WordPress website for your business will help to manage and run your blog easily as you will not be required a separate website. Simply set up a page on your site dedicated to your blog (just call it “blog” or some catchy name that plays off your brand). A blog is your easiest and most effective way to continuously add new content to your site and keep customers up-to-date with your business.

3. Updated Safety and Security Features

This makes the most of it as you don’t need to worry about the security and safety of your data. Instant updates happen in WordPress at regular interval by WP team itself. So you can be relaxed for your website’s security as it will always be up to date and aligned with the best, most current policies.

4. Open Source Language

“Open source” simply means that developers are able to contribute to WordPress’ software in the form of plugins, themes and updates. The system is constantly improving and getting better, and a new addition doesn’t cost you a cent.

5. SEO Friendliness

The most important feature which has made it the choice of millions is its SEO friendliness. The use of SEO plugins help you optimize your post or page in just few clicks. Furthermore, it helps with all necessary guidelines to optimize the relevant page.

Whether you’re an established entrepreneur or just in seeding stage, having a wordpress based ecommerce website will definitely make you grow. All you need to connect with best ecommerce website Design Company in Delhi that can understand your requirements and offer you the most feasible solution just like Lunatic Devs.

How to Check Your Blog Performance through Google Analytics?

Blogging is an integral part of online marketing, especially the marketers who follow content marketing approach consider blogs as the most important thing. In fact most of the SEO agency in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida are following the blog marketing as one of the most important pillars of online marketing. The three key reasons why people find blogging crucial to the success of their digital campaigns are –

  • Blogs substantially increases traffic on your Website, making it the biggest traffic generators.
  • Blogs can boost leads.
  • Blogs improve brand visibility (hyperlink to previous blog) by establishing thought leadership – imparting knowledge can create a unique positioning for your organization.

If you have kept a specific blog section to your website, it is also very much required that you can monitor the stats. Thanks to the digital world, you can do so by Google Analytics. It gives you clear understanding how well it is working for your business.

Let’s look what important things SEO agency in Delhi is monitored or recorded to check blog performance.

  1. Blog Visits: Track the number of blog visits each month to measure how you blog’s traffic is behaving over time – increasing or decreasing. Doing so will also help you uncover which months might be stronger than others, or probably which are the strongest topic you should write to attract your audience. Further, it will help you plan and implement the cycle properly.
  2. Top Posts: Google Analytics enables you to see which blog topics are bringing in the most traffic on your Website. Monitoring each month’s top posts will enable you to identify which topics and formats are more responsive and which are dead among your audience base the most. 
  3. Inbound Links: Inbound links – when other Websites link to pages on your Website – help with SEO performance. Furthermore, it shows your brand is viewed as a credible source of information. Find out how many inbound links each blog is drawing to pin-point hot topics.
  4. Goal Conversion: Through Google Analytics’ ‘Site Content’ section, you can identify which blogs have been bringing traffic to your website. If you click on the blog link – in the same window – you can analyze how users behave on different pages within your blog. One interesting thing is to find out is the number of goals converted through these blog pages.
  5. Demographics: To understand this point more precisely, let’s think of a situation -If your brand’s target audience is women between the ages of 21 to 25, but you’re drawing only men. It clearly shows there’s a problem with either your content (if the traffic is coming from organic search results), or you’re not marketing the content to the right audience segment (i.e. your paid promotions need better filters). Always keep tabs on what sort of audience your blog is receiving so you can monitor if it is in sync with your target group. 

Hopefully these points will help you get your blog’s status precisely and also help you for future blogging strategy.  If you need help with your brand’s digital marketing strategy, including blog strategy, please contact us at Lunatic Devs, one of the best SEO agency in Delhi for providing quality result at the most competitive price.

How To Use LinkedIn Marketing for Your Branding

Woman holding a Linkedin icon

Many of the best digital marketing agency in India says that – The new age of marketing starts with LinkedIn. In this era of Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, and Twitter, many of us have forgotten the essence of LinkedIn. LinkedIn marketing is the one of the most trusted and recommended thing that a digital marketer should never ignore. In fact, with nearly 610 million users (40% log-in daily), LinkedIn is truly a goldmine for B2B brands to network with credible businesses and influential professionals. Furthermore, it allows you to harness the power of word-of-mouth for lead generation. 

Let’s know why the best digital marketing agencies in India recommend and use LinkedIn Marketing for branding:

  1. Optimized Company Page: Firstly and the most importantly, a company or business needs an optimized LinkedIn page to gain more attention. Brands with a company page that are updated and complete receive 2x more visitors than incomplete ones. Tapping into features like a custom URL , adding a logo and high-res cover image, filling out a meaningful description in 2,000 characters (the first 156 characters will appear in your page’s Google preview!), – these are all important aspects that can help you achieve more than 90% visibility for LinkedIn company page.
  2. Put Some Measurable Goals: Getting a LinkedIn page is not enough until you don’t utilize it in your favour. Do you want to use LinkedIn for social selling? Or is the goal to establish your brand as a thought leader? What is your timeframe? Answer these questions to yourself and plan accordingly.
  3. Connect with Team on LinkedIn:  Maximize your reach by asking all of your employees to connect with your brand’s LinkedIn page. And, make sure they update their personal page’s information to reflect they are a part of your organization. 
  4. Publish Meaningful Content: You can grow your audience on LinkedIn and keep them engaged by sharing meaningful articles and updates. LinkedIn itself recommends a post per weekday – this will help you stand out amongst the pool of other thought-leaders. 
  5. Utilize LinkedIn Groups: Whether you are active in relevant LinkedIn groups or create a LinkedIn group of your own, this can be a great way to connect with potential clients, journalists and influencers outside of your immediate circle.
  6. LinkedIn Ads: LinkedIn offers a variety of advertising options – sponsored content, pay-per-click or CPM text ads and sponsored InMail messages that can be utilized as per business demand or strategy you have adopted.

And yes, check Analytics regularly so that you can know about the most engaging post, your audience, behaviours and much more. If you want to adopt LinkedIn marketing for your business or the further potential for you, please contact us at Lunatic Devs. We are known as one of the best digital marketing agency in India.

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